***** Adult content WARNING!!***18+ only !

This is a excerpt from The Wet Series Book One- Drenched in Dominance. It is unedited and subject to change.

“Come on Jessica,” His tone was inviting. “I think we need to talk a little.” He stood there waiting, letting me chose if I opened the gate or ran back into my home. I pulled the latch and walked through the fence. He smiled and gave an approving nod, leaving me to enter his backyard. I followed him like a bitch in heat. My tongue felt swollen with the desire to lick the trails of sweat from his sexy back. I closed my eyes for a moment. Jesus, pull it together!

He left the gate open and I felt a bit better knowing I could leave if I needed to, but it was the last thing I really wanted. We walked over to the patio area and he unfolded a chair for me. I sat down and it was then I remembered I was barely dressed. I nodded toward the hole in the ground.

“Hiding bodies?” I raised an eyebrow, hoping to distract him and myself from the strange feelings drawing me to this man.

“Ah, no.” He chuckled. “Not this time.” He winked but a chill zipped through my blood. He said he had been in the military, maybe it wasn’t such a funny joke to make. I bit in to my lip in embarrassment. “I’m planning the lay out for the pool you inspired.”

“Oh?” My head snapped up and I smiled. “It’ll look great back here! You’ve already done so much work.” I said in awe as I looked around. The past neighbors had left weeds taller than me and Dillon had cleared them all. Instead of pretty green grass, the brown stubs stuck out from the ground, looking desperate for water.

“I’m gonna have to do a lot of seeding and watering to bring this lawn back to life, but I am sure it will be worth it in the end.” He turned from surveying the yard to look down at me. His eyes traveled up my bare thighs and I could see the heat changing in his irises. I crossed my legs at the knees and pulled the hem of my tee as far down as I could. “It’s no use.” He growled. “You can’t hide from me.”

“I-I’m not hiding.” I whispered nervously. He yanked his glove from his right hand and threw it to the table beside me. His fingers traced my jaw and slipped under my chin to lift my face.

“Do you misbehave just to get punished, little girl?” His eyes met mine and I couldn’t look away. He seemed amused with how he was making me feel.

“Not usually.” His fingers were moving down my neck and visions of him holding me there, of bending me over when he spanked me Saturday, flood my brain. I gasped but his fingers kept moving.

“I don’t know why I want you so badly,” he said softly.Like he was speaking out loud to himself and not so much to me. He squatted, making us eye level and his fingers trailed down along the side of my breast. “But I want to possess you, Jessica.”

“Dillon,” I started to speak, I wanted to tell him I felt it too. Like my soul was trying to climb from my body and snuggle against him but he shook his head and I stopped talking.

“Just listen,” He removed his other glove and pushed my tee shirt up my thighs. He grabbed the back of my knees and tugged my ass to the edge of the chair. His hands rubbing up and down my thighs. Each stroke was bringing his hands closer to my inner thighs. “When I’ve finished with you for today, I want you to go back to your house and research what it means to be a submissive.” His thumbs ran up and down the junctions between my pussy and thighs.

I couldn’t think as I looked down and watched him between my legs. I was still so needy from not having reached release yesterday, that his slightest touch made my hips lift. Dillon leaned in close to my pussy and let his tongue run up the center of my panties. He moaned deeply and nipped at my labia through the material.

My clit throbbed and I could hear nothing but my blood rushing through my veins. His eyes were still watching my face as he played with me, keeping my body buzzing. His thumbs kept tracing the lines in my body, beside my panties. He began pushing his thumbs toward one another. Appling pressure to my entrance but not filling me like I desperately wished he would. His lips wrapped around my clit and he began sucking tightly. The fabric between us dulled the feelings and added to them at the same time.

“Please!” I screamed and pushed my mound against his face. In response his tongue flicked over my bud ferociously. My body contracted and my breathing became caught in my throat. My vision went white with the power of the orgasm Dillon brought out of me. He kept licking and sucking on my bucking body, not letting the power of it diminish. Instead, it kept climbing, to a level I had never felt before. I could feel my entrance pushing out hot fluid that dripped down between my ass cheeks and was soaked up by my panties.

My voice came back and I screamed as loudly as I could. The fire was consuming me all over, my limbs, my lungs even my head felt hot. Sweat began to bead on my forehead and a dizziness claimed me. My head fell back and my screams turned to whimpers as he continued to lick and suck at my over sensitive body.

“You almost look satisfied.” Dillon teased me when he finally released my clit. He slipped his hands down to again rub my thighs. I sighed heavily in response and he laughed. His head tipped to the side, his left hand was still smoothing my jerking thigh but his right hand lifted and came toward my center. My hips tried to scoot back to avoid his touch but his left hand clenched tighter on my thigh. A silent warning, one my body listened to without question. “Good girl.” He moaned.

His pointer finger grazed over my clit. His short finger nail scratching at my panties right over the top of my well used clit. The lightest touch made me groan out and the intense need to come again came rushing back. Up and down, his nail teased me, my breathing quickening and my eyes squeezed shut.

“You are so responsive,” he grinned up at me while applying a little more pressure. Which made my hips twitch. “I cannot wait to feel my dick splitting you open.” His words were my undoing and I shattered again for him. This orgasm even more intense than the last two. My bones where melting from the heat he caused and I slumped in the chair panting.

He stood up between my still trembling legs and kissed my forehead. Then walked away and I heard a sliding door open but not close. I wanted to follow him but I felt too weak to move. I sat, deflated in the chair with the sun on my skin and thought that perhaps this euphoric feeling would be exactly what heaven will be like. He returned with a glass of water and a smile.

“Drink this,” He pushed the glass into my hand and I drank it greedily. When it was empty, which didn’t take long, I smiled up at him with a blush deepening the color of my cheeks.

“Thank you.”

“For the water or the orgasms?” He chuckled and I felt embarrassment roll through me.