Villainess: Queen of Swords


Oh my goodness, I am still reeling, I think I need some recovery time from this book ! I’m not usually one for parnormal or scifi but I really, REALLY enjoyed this book. The MC is a villain so clearly she isn’t sweet or sassy but bad-fucking-ass and a bit twisted. But I love her dark, twisted need for blood and pain! I really didn’t know where this was gonna go and couldn’t put it down until I knew! The Vamp in this book is HAWT, the human he shares a body with is HAWTER! I wanted them to get together sooooo badly, maybe book two? Please in book two?
I hate hate hate spoilers so here is a quick run through that doesn’t give any secrets away… our Bad-ass little lady take a job for a “fixer” and it seems do-able…because she can do ANYTHING! A few things go wrong but mostly everything goes right…and I don’t know if its luck or skill on her side but she comes out of this book a winner.. Evil ladies and gentleman can defeat other evil.. there was no real “Good guy” that I found so maybe we’ll see her tussle with good in the next book… either way, I cant wait!

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