Dissolute Resorts -The Series

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What’s a broken hearted girl to do after being used as a stepping stone by her ex-boyfriend and then dumped on top of it? Go on a sex filled vacation with her care free best friend of course!

Evie Parks feels depressed and bitter. That is until her best friend Lilly drags her away on a two night, three day vacation to Dissolute Resorts in Cancun Mexico. Lilly is determined to make Evie forget about the douchebag and all his slimy, cheating ways.

At first getting Evie to have fun is like pulling teeth, until Lilly finds out that alcohol helps her friend loosen up and enjoy her God given assets. After all, vacation sex “doesn’t count”! The girls hit the resort with vows of good times, strange guys and fun in the sun but all that changes when Evie meets a handsome man who rearranges all her plans.

Reader Note—Contains BM/WF

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Dissolute Resort Denver
By J. Richards

Four months ago, Evie Parks was dragged off to a singles Resort in Cancun, Mexico by her best friend who was on a mission to help her forget her recent break up with a sorry excuse of an ex-boyfriend. Evie, however, found more than she bargained for and left feeling empowered and renewed.
Since coming home, Evie has thrown herself into recognizing her worth and finding ways to love herself. While she is accomplishing those goals, she can’t help but feel like she left something in Mexico that could really fill her world with happiness. That “something” being the owner of all five Dissolute Resorts, Darius Williams.
Luckily for Evie, Darius seems to be missing her as well, and invites her to spend the weekend with him in Denver, Colorado. This time, instead of a weekend full of sex, Evie gets the notion Darius wants more from her and fears the weekend won’t be the empowering refresher course she thought it would be. Instead, this trip could break her heart in more pieces than before Darius glued it back together in Mexico.pizap.com14712756140851.jpg


On Dec. 14, 2016 be prepared to turn down the heat, and charge up your e-reader for the release of Characters Welcome, An Erotic Authors Guild anthology.

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Featured Authors:
Susannah Shannon, Pablo Michaels, V.E. Campudoni, Taisha Demay, Muffy Wilson, Raven Rayne, Dylan Cross, J. Richards, Brooke Lee, Julia Mills, S.I. Hayes, T. S. Irons, T. L. Travis

The Erotic Authors Guild introduces its first anthology, featuring some of the premier writers in the erotica genre and their noteworthy characters. An adventurous woman joining the Mile High Club — a single man becoming a voyeur to his neighbors’ BDSM games — a recently single woman methodically seducing her longtime friend — a pool boy enjoying a MILF scenario with his best friend’s mom. These, and many other hot stories, are guaranteed to deliver a sizzling experience for the erotica reader!

**Proceeds from the sale of each book will be donated to charities designated by each author. Including veterans charities. “15073535_1719090055076098_4697530524536060328_n


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Dissolute Resorts Las Vegas