The Naughty List

My ***** Rating — Five STARS!!! Ten if possible!

Holy moly, I wish I could swear properly but then my review would get yanked. This book…Ok, I’m gonna try not to spoil anything because I want you to have the “Oh Holy S***!!* Moment that I did. At first, the book was good for me. I love Bianca’s writing style and really didn’t expect it to be anything but amazing. Our plus size lady of the story is trying to get her no good boyfriend to “play” with her… when he makes he clear she’s fat and 30 and getting nothing better than what she’s got she gets a brain and kicks his ass to the curb! A few months later, a skinny skank (we all know one) tries to rile her confidence once again and she is on a mission to prove she isn’t what the skank claims. The setting for this…the office holiday party… And here is where the Christmas crack hits the fan and some hot hot stuff goes down……skip some pages so I don’t tell you about the “OH MY GOD!!” part….Lets just say… I want this chicks Christmas!! She was naughty girl who was just good enough to get presents. I CAN BE NAUGHTY TOO!!
Thank you Bianca for such a fun, sexy and short story (personally I prefer this length to long drawn out books)! Read this NOW you will love it!
*Copy exchanged for honest review*

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