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. A Daddy For Christmas

Haley Monroe

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I’m a self-serving, conniving, manipulating brat, and I’m proud of it. Grayson Berk is the opposite of me in every way. He’s driven, respectful, firm, and relentless. However, I needed a place to live and he needed a roommate.

Living with him has been unsettling as I try to come up with the funds to stay in his perfect dream home simply because I want to continue pushing all of his buttons.

I couldn’t have imagined what would happen when he started pushing back.

Is it possible for me to play the little girl that Grayson aches to discipline, or will he kick my lying ass to the curb?

**Content Warning**

A Daddy for Christmas, CONTAINS DEPICTIONS OF THE DD/lg (D*DDY DOM, LITTLE GIRL) LIFESTYLE. NO CHARACTERS ENGAGED IN SEXUAL ACTS ARE RELATED, BIOLOGICALLY OR LEGALLY. The story includes lots of playful submission and other BDSM games. Anal play, spankings, and other forms of sexual discipline fill these pages. If any of these subjects, make you uncomfortable please stop here.

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Amazon Best Selling Author Haley Monroe

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Releasing Feb. 01 2017

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My entire life, I have been one of those girls who falls head first into love with every bad boy, no-good-for-me, asshole that’s willing to give me the time of day. By twenty-eight, I couldn’t even count the number of times I’d fallen in love and landed on my face. So many times, that I’d probably never be able to find all the pieces of my shattered heart again. I gave up trying and began dating the “right type” of guy, the “safe” type of guy, but it ended like a sad joke that left no one laughing. Especially not my sister Steph, who had been bugging me to try a relationship like hers.

A BDSM type of relationship.

The acronym alone scared me spitless. I didn’t think I could ever be strong enough to give my submission to anyone, let alone the stranger that Steph’s Dom wanted to set me up on a blind date with. Until they sprung a double date on me and I found that the stranger wasn’t a stranger at all.

Could Reed Daniels be the right Doctor/Daddy Dom to stitch my heart back together?

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Dirty Racing – A DD/lg Outing

By Bestselling Author

Haley Monroe

Every ‘little’ dreams of when her Daddy will take her out of the bedroom to play more exciting games and I’m no different. I very much enjoy submitting to my new Daddy Dom’s every whim, but when he takes me out to the race track for a day of fast cars and dirty racing, nothing beats the high I get from serving him in public.

But Daddy only rewards good girls, can I please him enough to earn my own special reward?

*Content Warning*

This is a short but dirty novella about a Daddy Dom taking his little girl on an adventure to the race track. If BDSM play containing DD/lg offends you, please do not purchase this book. However, if you like playful submission between consenting adults including but not limited to public sex acts, multiple partners, spanking, and anal play, then by all means, come join us!




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A little April Fool’s By Haley Monroe

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There’s a symbol for every friendship, something that reminds one friend of the other and always will. For some friends, it’s hearts or infinity signs. For other’s its wine corks or anchors. Once a friendship forms a symbol, it’s hard to look at the item without thinking of the other person, for the rest of your life. For David, three leaf clovers would always remind him of his bond with his best friend Jade. He’d given her one the day they met, seven years ago, when she’d been crying in their High school’s courtyard. Since then he has fought his Dominant urges to turn her into his little play thing and locked her up, strictly in the friend zone. Jade is a stubborn but sweet little brat, that always pushes against David’s control without even knowing he wants her in more ways than she could imagine. When Jade gets the symbol of their friendship tattooed on her ass and tells the tattoo artist that it’s a symbol of luck and of love, David decides it’s past time to smash the walls and show Jade how good life could really be if she joined him in his bed and his heart, as his little submissive instead of his bratty best friend.