Midnight Pleasures

41m-LA5I6hL__SX333_BO1,204,203,200_Copy Exchanged for an honest review**
This book wasn’t my typical read so for me it was ok. I was wrong about thinking the “Hero” and the villain in the first book were cousins. I’m not sure how I confused it but it was much more clear of their relationship in this book. Our MC’s are out of the country in this book running from the troubles in the first. They encounter a whole other set of problems in this one and some violence happens. Not much or anything gory,  just a few gun shots and some threats, some scuffles. I hate spoilers so I wont go into much detail about the happenings but if you like a puzzle this is a good book for you.
Well written but a few little edits caught my eye and paused my reading, not anything dramatic though. Overall this is a good series for a rainy day!

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