About J. Richards


J. Richards is a twenty eight year old mother and wife. She was born in a small town in New Hampshire, which she left at the age of eighteen to marry the love of her life. Leaving everything and everyone she had ever known to live down south with her new husband. They have now been married for almost nine years and are raising a wild child of a daughter. Her husband is in the military and because of that, they have shared the joys and struggles of moving around the country.
J. Richards has always loved reading and writing, her dreams of becoming a published author seemed just that, only dreams.Until 2015, with encouragement from a friend, she submitted a short story to etopia press and was beyond surprised when they wished to publish it. She now also published DD/g themed romances under the pen name Haley Monroe.
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12 thoughts on “About J. Richards”

  1. Terri merkel said:

    You are a fucking bomb girl..


  2. Hello. How are you


  3. Awsome young Lady glad to read her books


  4. How do I subscribe to your blog?


  5. I love your books!!!!


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