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By Best Selling author

Haley Monroe

Do As Daddy Says


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“Dirty Racing’s” couple, Brynn and Richard are back for another kink filled date night, if you aren’t offended by consenting adults engaging in age play and other titillating forms of BDSM, dive righ in and enjoy.


Daddy loves to spoil his “little girl” and tonight after work, he’s taking me out on a surprise date to a carnival! I remember the smell of fried food, sugary cotten candy, the thrill of the rides and the excitement of the crowds from when I was, actually a little girl. But this isn’t just any carnival. This is Carnival of Kink, and no children are allowed to partake in these kinds of games.

Carnival of Kink is for consenting adult only, and the rides, they are of the more lascivious nature. I’m as excited as I am nervous to find out what the night has in store! Sometimes submission can be difficult and certain tasks are just too hard to complete.

Can I be the good girl that does as Daddy says? Or will the Carnival of Kink bring out my bad girl side?

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