Alright, some of you know, some of you don’t but here’s the truth!

Haley Monroe and J. Richards are one person. Just me. They are both a part of me. We are the same and yet so different. J. likes PNR and BDSM and IR while Haley likes her Daddy Dom’s. It may seem weird to you to hear one person talk about herself as different parts but it has really been freeing for me.

Not everyone digs BDSM but even less people understand the DDlg lifestyle. With Haley, my goal has always been to give people a look at the lifestyle in a new way. Each release will focus on a different part of the relationships and hopeful help people see the beauty and appeal in that kind of lifestyle.

I still plan on writing as J, just maybe a little less. My pace since 2015 has been insane. I’ve released 22 book/novellas and honestly its beat my hands to hell. So, You’ll still have lots of new stuff to read you just may have to wait a bit longer than you have been to read them.

I want to take a second to thank the readers who have supported me while launching my new side. It’s been exciting and scary but so worth it and I couldn’t have done it without you wonderful ladies!

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