I hope everyone has a happy, comfy turkey day!

Today I’m missing my husband…a lot…like a lot, a lot! But I’m so thankful to call him mine. He’s strong, smart, brave and handsome. All the things I recognized when we met. I was 12 and he was 19. I know if anyone got to watch the other grow up it was him watching me but I’ve had the pleasure of watching him become a father. The best father a mother could ask for.

He is my daughters whole world and knows exactly how to guide her and I through life. He is deployed in South Korea right now, away from his family and friends who love and miss him greatly.

I ache for the day he comes home but until they I will continue to find new ways in our life that he lifts me up, even from across the country…

I’m also thankful for no football today! HAHA!