Last night, during a takeover party, I shared a sneak peek of my upcoming release, Her Betrayal…

And I thought I’d share it here with you !


He pressed the smaller girl against the brick wall and the wheeze that left her lungs forced him to press his lips against hers and feed her the air she was lacking. Her hands curled into fists, clutching at the chest of his shirt as she melted under his lips. His hands planted against the bricks behind her to keep himself from pressing against her. When he broke the kiss, they were both left panting for air.

“How old are you?” He breathed against her mouth as she licked her lips, still tasting his kiss. He waited for her to answer the question he feared the most. Would she be extremely underage or somewhere within reach? Was it possible that God had sent him an angel his age that he could whisk away from her parents tonight? Something in him warned him not to get too carried away.

“Seventeen.” Her hands uncurled and flattened against his hard chest. He leaned his forehead to hers and nodded lightly. “Why? How old are you?” With his eyes closed, he answered honestly.

“I’m twenty-one.” Forcing a grunt from his throat he pushed away from the wall and stepped back two feet. “I won’t kiss you again until you’re eighteen but I want you to remember how that felt, Sunshine. Every minute we are together, I want you to know how much I’m wishing I could be kissing your sweet lips again.” His hand rose to brush his thumb against her lower lip. “Promise, you’ll remember?”

“I’ll never forget.” She exhaled and leaned her face into his open palm. While Kelly was looking at her in that moment, she forced herself to believe that it wouldn’t go any further than the one week they had together on the cruise ship. That his words were just rehearsed, sweet nothings that he probably spoke to every scantily clad girl on the ship that was fawning all over his dog tags.

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