It’s been a long, long while since I actually wrote a post and my views show it! So, this is going to be a “Catch up” kinda post.  Most of you know that my husband has been “deployed”… More like moved out of country for a year.  He hasn’t been sleeping in the same house as us since April. To say we miss him is a joke….We are desperate for him and even that doesn’t cover it, not really.

After our kiddo finished school in June, her and I packed up to move across the country to live with my family while he’s away. Maybe we should have stayed in California but I’m not sure we would have survived. I have A LOT of health problems, the main one being constant migraines and some days I can’t feed my dogs, never mind trying to take care of a small human…

So here we are, in New Hampshire, where its 37 degrees at the bus stop in the morning and snow is threatening to come any day now. I was diagnosed with abdominal migraines and the doctors here refused to do the recommended surgery I thought I was going to have when arriving here. Life’s full of fun surprises, isn’t it?

We did have a great summer though- Nay learned to swim, got to ride four wheelers and tractors and discover NH wildlife…Fall breezed through much quicker than we could have imagined and she witnessed the leaves changing to beautiful colors that set the woods on fire.

We carved Pumpkins and are getting ready for Trick Or Treating but mostly we are happy to be ticking off holidays!! Every Holiday that passes we get closer to Daddy coming home!

Let’s now move on to the book world stuff… While here “The Repeat Boutique” was kind enough to sells my paperbacks on its shelves and allow me to hold a book signing with Bree McKennedy.

It feel’s like I haven’t been writing much since we got here but I have Released two Ebooks and a paperback collection while being here in New Hampshire…

Dissolute Resort Denver
By J. Richards

Four months ago, Evie Parks was dragged off to a singles Resort in Cancun, Mexico by her best friend who was on a mission to help her forget her recent break up with a sorry excuse of an ex-boyfriend. Evie, however, found more than she bargained for and left feeling empowered and renewed.
Since coming home, Evie has thrown herself into recognizing her worth and finding ways to love herself. While she is accomplishing those goals, she can’t help but feel like she left something in Mexico that could really fill her world with happiness. That “something” being the owner of all five Dissolute Resorts, Darius Williams.
Luckily for Evie, Darius seems to be missing her as well, and invites her to spend the weekend with him in Denver, Colorado. This time, instead of a weekend full of sex, Evie gets the notion Darius wants more from her and fears the weekend won’t be the empowering refresher course she thought it would be. Instead, this trip could break her heart in more pieces than before Darius glued it back together in Mexico.


You can purchase your signed copy of Guilty Pleasures Here (And Only Here)


<><> Boy Toy<><>


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I’ve lost control over my life. My best friend has gone crazy and there isn’t anything I can do to help her find her sanity. Hell, I can’t even find my own. I’m thirty-four and I’ve lost my job and the two that came after it, my cat has run away and now I’m all alone with no family to speak of. No, this isn’t a country song, it’s really my life.

The only thing I’m barely holding on to is my hockey playing, man’s man of a boyfriend who’s six years younger than me and I’m probably going to lose him completely because he has no idea about the dark desires within me. I need to share that part of me with him but I’m afraid it will scare him away.

I can’t help but feel that if I were able to play the Mistress to my little Boy Toy, then just maybe I can find the strength to put the pieces of my life back together again.

With everything spiraling out of my hands, can I find the strength to control Colin in the bedroom and get a sense of the real me once again?

What’s next? Well, I have a lot of ideas in my head that need to get out, but with everything going on I hope you all will be patient with me! Here are some sneak peeks that not many people know about.


Cover Reveal


(Unedited Back Blurb)

It’s the age old story of boy meets girl, boy falls in love with girl…

Girl breaks boys heart by doing something sneaky,even though it was done with innocent intent, that goes horribly wrong.

She did something terrible and then did something worse, in a foolish attempt to keep the terrible thing hidden. Now she’s neck deep in an awful mess with no shovel to dig herself out.

This is the story of her betrayal.


Lilly’s Turn will be part of an Anthology releasing in Mid-December, I believe.. don’t hold me to the date.

Evie parks has been invited to Dissolute Resorts, Denver by the sexy owner, Darius Williams, himself. The flight from New Hampshire to Colorado is a long one for her two best friends, Lilly and Jimmy, who are tagging along. Evie may get her fill of intimate moments when they arrive at their destination but for now its Lilly’s turn.

We all know vacation sex doesn’t count for Lilly Mcabe and what better way to start off a fun weekend, than to renew her mile-high membership with the sexy business man in the first class seats behind her?final-cover-drmhc

That should catch you up. I’ll try to be more present here as well as at my writing desk to bring your more panty melting goodness. Until then, remember to check out my titles that are always free in Kindle Unlimited and tell your book reading friends about me !