I haven’t ben sleeping much and because of that dreams are in short supply. Yes, Sir was a dream… Freak Show was a dream…The Hunted Fox… yup you guessed it, a dream (A really fun one)

Everything is different here, I miss my sleep number and my husband. Both things are key to my sleep! I miss central air, that helps. I find myself wanting to go home and trying to remind myself that this is home.

Even without sleep, pages are being written. I’m almost to the half way point of DR-D and wrote and finished a surprise I have for y’all yesterday (You wont get to see it for a bit though)

I have a ton of new followers and I know I don’t post all that much but I hope when I post the Release Blitz for The Hunted Fox, that you will all help me spread the word by reposting 😀