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Title: Freak Show

Author: J. Richards

Genre: Romance, Paranormal

Release Date: April 15, 2016





Would you take a walk on the wild side if you had the chance? Serenity is a serious young woman, with little time for fantasy. Her friend Anne takes Serenity and their two friends to a new theme park, where anything is possible.

Chaos spends his long life waiting for his beloved, knowing that he cannot actively search for her, he can only wait for her to appear.

But there are forces working against them. Time and time again, their love is cut short. Will history repeat itself? Or will the fates finally smile on this doomed love affair?

Come, uncover the secrets behind the mist.


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About the Author


Born in New England, raised in the south and currently living in Cali, J. Richards is a proud wife of a sexy military man! Mother of one wild child and two happy puppies.



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