Here is a sneak peek into Freak Show!

The girls have just checked into the theme park and are riding the elevator up to their room.

Enjoy! (Pre order today while its on sale! )


pizap.com14577176805791“You heard the lady at the gate, Serenity. We have forty-eight hours to live it up and there is so much to see that there would be no point in us leaving before that time is up. Don’t be such a party pooper!” She rolls her eyes and pokes her black French tip nail at the twentieth floor button.

“I’m not being a party pooper.” My hand curls tighter around the hand rail when the doors slowly begin to close and just before they meet together, a hand is shoved between the panels and they bounce back open.

The hand is followed by a long, tan and toned female arm. “Phew! Almost missed it.” A voice like bells tinkles into the elevator car. Something in the air changes as the woman joins us. My skin comes to life in an entirely new way and the slow build of heat in my lower belly turns to a rolling boil. I feel my lips part as I breathe in her scent.

Visions of my body being laid out for someone else’s pleasure crashes over my mind. Dark tanned hands skim up my flesh and teeth sink into the tender part of my shoulder, near my neck. The vison is so clear I can almost feel the sensations as if they are real and my knees buckle slightly. I pinch my eyes shut and I shake my head to clear my mind.

“Ohh,” the light voice whispers and I pop one eye open to look at her. She’s thin and tall but her breasts look heavy and round. Her hair is a rich brown streaked with red and gold highlights. I’ve never checked out a woman before but for some reason I feel the need to inspect her.

My gaze starts at her pretty hair and travels down the length of her. Her nose appears tiny between her wide, bright blue eyes. She has lips that remind me of cupid’s bow and the rest of her I would best describe as athletically built.

She’s wearing a brown leather corset that tightens her already small waist and shows off her beautifully full hips. Below that are faded blue jeans that I want to run my hands down because they just look so soft to the touch. Her brown stiletto boots lace up to her knees and click on the floor of the elevator as she stalks toward me.

I feel a natural pull to her which confuses my brain and my body. She’s so close to me now that I can feel the heat of her body. And fuck if it isn’t hot. In her heeled boots she’s a few inches taller than me and I look up to meet her eyes.

“Hi,” I whisper nervously. I hear the doors to the elevator clink shut and then my belly drops to my toes as we speed up between the floors.

“You.” She moans lightly and reaches out for my face. Her smooth palm cups my jaw and her thumb traces my lower lip. More visions spark before my eyes. Fast glimpses of my body being shoved on to rough bed sheets and thick fingers parting my pussy lips. My head lolls to the side as my back arches for the person between my thighs. The hands are much too masculine to be hers, but I know she is the reason for the visions.

Again, I shake my head and blink my eyes quickly trying to see the here and now instead of whatever it is that I’m witnessing in my mind’s eye. “Serenity,” I smile as she says my name and lean my face into her soft hand.

“Excuse me!” Anne’s voice screeches for what I assume wasn’t the first time and snaps me back. I push at the strange woman’s wrist to remove her hand from my skin and it falls away easily leaving me feeling abandoned. “Who the fuck are you?” Anne spits while trying to push her body between me and this stranger.

The woman smiles a smile that feels familiar and makes my weak knees weaker. “I’m Pandora.” She takes a step back as the elevator dings. “He’ll be so happy to have you back.” She purrs as she steps backwards out of the elevator and onto the tenth floor. She lifts a hand to wave delicately until the doors close before her. The floor drops away again as we sail up the ten more floors until we reach the one with our room on it. No one speaks but Anne grabs my hand tightly in hers and it’s then I realize I’m shaking.

“What was that?” My fingers interlace with Anne’s. She’s looking between the map in her folder the green man handed her and the suite numbers on the doors.

“Something really bad, or really good. I haven’t decided and hope I don’t have to.” She murmurs and tugs me to keep up with her fast pace.