Its been a while since I’ve posted something nonbook related and I cant help but share how much fun I had last weekend!! Two of the most incredible, successfully, and wonderful women in my life took me away from all the stress and drama for a weekend in Atlantic City!

Drinking, gambling and site seeing were fun but nothing beats the 4am slurring conversations tucked under the hotel bed covers while watching murder porn with them. I don’t think they know, actually I know they don’t know because I didn’t know how much I needed that trip.

I had hoped I would write on the plane and get so much done but I didn’t. You know what I did? I read like 5 books, all of which were great (Visions of red by Trisha wolf…go get it, Serving the billionaire… go get it! Saved by the dragon by Vivienne savage… go get it ) I laughed harder than I have in months, I got pretty drunk, had an amazing meal and met two other amazing powerful, super women.

It was a vacation, a really one. I don’t think i’ve ever done that. Gone somewhere just for me where I don’t have to care for anyone or feed someone, make sure they use the bathroom… It was just fun… all 72 hours of it..a perfect de-stresser that I cant put into words how thankful I am for having the chance to go!

It was such a great trip and I cant wait to do it all over again!