Hey all, I haven’t written a little rant/vent post in a while. So here goes-

Soo much is going on in my personal life that i’m having a hard time escaping into my Authoring self. I’ve been sick, well honestly I’ve been sick my whole life but the last few months I’ve been really sick. A surgery is in my near future to see what’s going on and what can be done to turn things around and that’s driving me mad with worry.

I’ve been able to make some swag items since I haven’t been writing and I’m so in love with my coffee mugs its not even funny. So many readers have purchased them (and the wine glasses) that I cant wait to see pictures of them sipping drinks and reading books! That brings me a lot of joy ❤

I’m going to try to bring you all some more author interviews because I love getting to know other writers and what makes them tick. Please be kind and leave comments for them, pick up their books or add them to your wish lists if something grabs your attention.

I have no idea when my next book will release, I have a lot of projects open and in need of attention and no focus for any of them but hopefully that will change in the coming months.

What’s one way you deal with your stress?