WARNING! This is not for the faint of heart or easily offended! This was written in to the MS and though I tried to fight to keep it in, My publisher and I decided to remove it. It isn’t for everyone so now is your chance to close the blog and go read something Sweet….However, If you like the Dark and Dirty side of erotica…Enjoy.




“What kinda project you working on?” asked the teenybopper of a cashier. Her yellow hair was piled in a mess on top of her head, and her make up was so thick I assumed she needed a paint scraper to get all that crap off at night.

“Just fixing up my sailboat.” I smiled kindly and pulled out my wallet.

“Ohh,” she cooed and popped the wad of gum in her mouth like she was cow sucking on cud. “Is it a big one?”

Her long eye lashes batted, and I thought I could feel the wind they worked up. I laughed at her attempt to flirt and leaned my cast-covered arm against the small counter where people wrote checks.

“Oh it’s huge, actually.” I played into her game and let my eyes wander down her body. “How old are you?”

“Twenty.” Her cheeks flushed, and I knew she was lying to me.

“Yeah?” I looked at the digital numbers indicating what I owed and pulled out the crisp bills I had retrieved from the ATM earlier today. I pushed them toward her and left my hand on the money. When she tried to grab the paper, her fingers stroked along mine and she gave a soft gasp. I felt my mouth kicking up in wicked grin. “Can you help me carry this stuff to the truck?” She looked to her left and then over her shoulder.

“Um.” She popped the gum in her mouth again. I could tell she was nervous but also excited. “I go on break in like, fifteen minutes?” She paused and looked down at her feet. She was worried I would tell her to forget about it. Well she wasn’t that lucky. My dick was getting harder with every second that passed as I thought of using her young twat to come in. “Will that be too long for you to wait?”

“Not at all. I’ll push this out the door and wait for you there.” I tucked my wallet into the pocket of my sweatpants and loaded the plastic bags holding my stuff back into the cart.

“Oh, OK.” She practically bounced on her toes.

I gave her a smile and a nod then walked out through the doors. I steered the cart along the brick wall and stopped a few feet down. The sun was hot and the air was dry. I needed a cigarette but didn’t have one. I moved to lean my back against the sun-warmed wall and waited for ‘Miss Didn’t-Know-No-Better” to go on break.

Twelve minutes later, she came running out of the store. Now that she wasn’t wearing an apron, I could actually see her body. Her black leggings left little to my imagination, and her orange work polo was unbuttoned showing a good amount of cleavage. Her head swiveled as she scanned the parking lot, looking for me, I imagined. I pushed off the wall and grinned in her direction.

“On break?” I asked loud enough to be heard from where she was standing.

“Yeah.” She beamed at me. “But I’ll still help you with your bags.”

In the sunlight, she didn’t look as young as I had thought when we were inside. She just may be older than the twenty years she admitted to. Probably not by much, but it was possible.

“Thanks.” I stepped into her space and ran my finger along the name tag pinned over her right breast. “VeeAnne?”

“Uh huh,” she panted. My finger, still on her name tag, lifted and fell with each heavy breath she hauled in.

“Pretty name,” I complimented before grabbing the cart and heading down the parking lot. The truck was so far back I couldn’t even see it as we began walking together.

“Thanks, my friends just call me Vee.” She skipped along the cart, and I found her happy energy contagious.

“And what does your boyfriend call you?” I asked and slowed the cart to make her walk instead of bouncing about like she was.

“I don’t have a boyfriend.” She purred the words, and my dick jumped forward. She looked down as if the motion of my sweatpants had caught the corner of her eye. When she registered the bulge in my pants, her cheeks again blushed, and her eyes widened, her pupils growing with her lust. Too easy.

I didn’t say anything else until we got to the truck. I threw the bags and broom in the bed, then opened the driver’s side door. I lifted my broken arm in an invitation to her. She bit into her lower lip for a few seconds before stepping closer to me.

“Wanna grab something to eat while you’re on break?” I asked, knowing I had no intentions of taking her anywhere but to an orgasm. If she could get there before I did, and I was already so fucking close.

“I’m not hungry.” She tossed the words over her shoulder as she climbed into the truck. My left hand reached out to pat her ass and she giggled.

“We’ll just sit then? How about that?” I suggested, not caring what her answer was. I pulled my keys out and fired up the truck, putting on the a/c and letting it blast over my hot face. I looked over at the girl next to me and her nipples were poking from within the fabric of her shirt. I didn’t think it was the a/c that had the small peaks so hard.

“OK,” she answered, her gaze glued to my dick. I let out a small laugh. No sense in wasting any time. I pulled the waistband of my sweatpants down and let my cock spring free. She moaned and reached for it. “Oh, it is really big,” she sang.

I chuckled as she wet her lips with her pink tongue and went to town on my cock. “You’re bad girl, Vee.” I closed my eyes and imagined Jess. My hips jerked, and I tried to grab Vee’s hair in my right hand. My swollen tangled fingers wouldn’t work, so instead I just laid my heavy casted hand over her skull. “So bad.” I closed my eyes and let her set her own pace.

She was nowhere near as skilled as Jess when it came to blow jobs, but she was just what I needed. A hot wet mouth. She sucked hard and moved her head up and down slowly, almost like she was afraid of my cock. I ran my useless fingers over her hair, but watching my useless fingers dangle out of the cast made me angry all over again.

“Get up,” I barked, and she jumped back, wiping her hand over her mouth.

“What? Was it bad?” She looked wounded, and I touched her cheek with the hand that was reminding me of Jessica’s leaving.

“No, I just want to fuck you.”

She sat back on her butt and smiled. “Really?”

“Yes, right now. Take off your pants and get on your fucking knees on the seat,” I ordered and was kinda surprised when she obeyed. Women always went for my frat boy looks, but it wasn’t often they just let me have whatever I wanted.

She kicked out of her leggings and bent over with her face pressed against the passenger window. Her butt was flat and pale, but when I slapped it, the tender skin reddened and rippled out. I groaned and took my dick in my working hand. Wet from her mouth, I tugged it up and down roughly.

“Ready, Vee?” I asked as I ran my cock head up and down her center. She was dripping wet and wiggling back against me.

“Yes,” she whined, and I gave it to her, driving my dick in as deep as possible. I heard her head hit the window and it only made me pump her harder, searching for that same thumping sound to be repeated with every stroke. I grabbed for her little hips and pulled her down on my shaft. She was so fucking tight, it wouldn’t take long for me to get off now.

“Yes, oh,” she cried again.

I wanted to be deeper, to have my cock come out through her throat from how deep I was climbing into her. I threw my right arm around her, my forearm against her throat and yanked her back. Her spine arched and air wheezed from her lips. Her hands reached to claw at my arm, but I couldn’t feel anything through the cast.

“Please…” Her breathy gasps only made my dick throb and I keep pushing. Deep strokes in and out. I could feel her pussy wobble, and I knew she was close too.

“Almost Vee, cum with me,” I growled in her ear. Her eyes were closed and her head flopped back and forth as I fucked her. She no longer held onto my arm, or anything for that matter. Something was wrong but my dick felt too good to stop. My balls drew up and I let my eyes fall closed as I dumped my seed into her willing pussy.

After the last spasms ran through my balls and thighs, I tried to move my arm from her throat but her weight followed my arm. She slumped forward, her face hitting the glass of the window but she didn’t make a sound. I grabbed her shoulder and shook her lightly.

“Vee?” Her name came out of my mouth with the panic that was flooding me. Did she just pass out? I backed up an inch or two and sat in the driver’s seat, using my left hand on her shoulder, I turned her toward me. She was hard to move but when I finally got her on her side, her swollen lips looked blue. FUCK. “Vee, come on!” I yelled and lowered my head to her chest to listen for her breathing. She wasn’t.

I started pushing on her chest in how I imagined CPR worked. I counted to five then stopped to blow air into her mouth and hopefully into her lungs. I should have taken that Red Cross class when Jessica did. Nothing seemed to be happening so I pushed on her chest again. Slow, steady, pulsing pushes, then I forced more air into her mouth. I leaned my ear to her lips when I pushed on her chest this time. Nothing at all. No breathing, no moving, not even an eye lid twitched.

Fuck, fuck FUCK. I sat back in the driver’s seat and slammed my forehead on the steering wheel. My left hand pulled at the hair on my head and I screamed again. Now what the fuck was I gonna do? I looked over at the dead girl in my truck. The girl I just fucked to death. A large red bruise was filling her neck. I must have pushed harder than I realized on her throat with this fucking cast. I shook my head. My heart was beating a hundred miles a minute. It was an accident. I could call the police and tell them what happened.

No, I couldn’t. They would put me back in jail. I had to get rid of her. I’d get rid of her and go grab Jess. I could drive straight through and get to the cabin before anyone ever found this dumb slut.

I shoved my dick back into my pants and walk around to her side of the truck. Behind the trees lining the parking lot were the train tracks. A good place for someone to get hurt, I could just leave her on the tracks. I pulled open the passengers door and her upper body fell out against my chest. I picked her up in my arms and held her against me. I scanned the parking lot. People were walking around but much farther up. No one was near us way back here. I was about to pull her out of the cab when I saw her naked legs and pushed her back onto the seat. I put her leggings back on and pulled her from the truck. Her feet hit the ground and her head flopped against my shoulder. She probably would just look drunk if anyone did see us. I carried her around to the front of the truck and looked again. Still no one around. Quickly, I walked backwards into the tree line. The shadows here swallowed us up and I kept walking. It was much thicker than I had thought, a perfect place to leave her. If I did leave her on the tracks someone would notice her a lot sooner than if I just left her here in between the trees.

Toying with each idea for a minute, I decided what I would do. I found a giant tree with smaller ones growing up by its side. I tucked the tiny, dead woman in the tight squeeze between the trucks. Her eyes were still closed and a chill scrapped down my spine at the emptiness in her expression. I bent a few braces so that they hugged her, hiding her better. That was as good as it was gonna get.