This is a teaser from my current Work in Progress. Unedited and Subject to change 😀


“Are you okay?” I ask, looking him over to see if maybe he has an injury Sara and I didn’t know about or that she just forgot to tell me about. She can be such a scatter brain sometime. “Do you need me to drive?” I offer and turn a little bit to face him more fully.

“Mmhm, yeah.” He coughs. “I’m just fuckin’ dandy.” His fingers flex on the shifter’s knob, drawing my attention down ward. My eyes widen when I see what the problem he’s having is. His cock is lifting the right pant leg of his ACU’s impressively.

“So,” I say, trying to avoid staring at his huge member. “Do you have a girlfriend waiting for you get home so you can wine and dine her?” More like fuck her brains out with that beast in your damn pants! I shift in the seat but it only makes my thighs touch more of his forearm and he groans again.

“No, Ma’am.” His jaw gets tighter, a small pulse ticks along the sexy line of flesh and I wish I had asked him almost anything else. “Two months into my deployment she found someone else.” His fingers curl into air quotes against my inner thigh when he says ‘found’. The action makes his digits scratch lightly at my inner thigh and goosebumps spread out all over and down my legs.

“I’m sorry.” I bite into my lip. Would Sara be pissed off at me if I gave her brother a little welcome home gift? Just a little something to make up for the heartlessness of whoever his bitch of an ex was? Or does the offer only make me a whore? Someone has to thank him for his service to his country, right? I giggle quietly at my own silent joke.

I’ve always heard that guys coming home from deployments only want to fuck your brains out for hours when they get home. That they are completely unsustainable for days. I am sure Trent would’ve been worth her wait. I take one more look at his tense jaw and decide to be brave and go for it. Fuck what Sara thinks, what’s the worst that could happen? He’ll say no and make me feel like a fool for offering to ease his blue balls? With that hard-on he’s currently sporting? Fat chance!

I untangle my fingers from one another and place my left hand on his thigh, inches below his swollen cock. He looks over at me quickly, that slow, easy smile taking over his face but he brings his attention back to the road. I inch my hand up higher. What I imagine to be his cock’s head rests just under my palm. I press a bit harder and I feel his dick twitch in response.

“Careful, woman.” He cautions me in a stern tone that tickles all of my nerve endings. “Be sure you know what you’re getting yourself into.” We come to a red light and he turns his face to mine. Staring deeply into my eyes when the truck comes to a complete stop. “I only have so much control left in me. If you open this door there is no closing it until I’m finished with you.” I know it’s a warning and one that I should take seriously. He has been away for over a year and I don’t know anything about him. If I were smart I would slip myself over to the other side of the truck and huddle against the door so I can jump out as soon as my house is in view. But I don’t want to. I want to unleash whatever it is that is sizzling up my spine and making my panties damp for this sexy stranger. Not a stranger but my best friend’s brother. I want Trent.