“That’s us, Ladies. Shall we?” Stephen asks as he stands and tucks his phone into a hidden pocket in his suit jacket. He motions to the bar tender and whips out a shiny gold credit card for the man to take. “All three of us, please.” He says before the bar tender turns to settle our bill.

“Oh, you didn’t have to do that!” I hear my words already slurring and try to push myself off the stool. My feet hit the floor but my ankle rolls awkwardly and I stumble forward, landing with my face in Stephen’ chest. He grips my biceps to catch me and slips one arm around my waist. He pulls me flush against him and my hands sprawl out over his hard pectorals. “I-I’m sorry.” I stutter while looking up at him.

“No worries, I told you I was a good guy to have around.” He gives me a wink but doesn’t release me. My nose is close to his chin and as I inhale his scent drifts into my system. He smells like Old Spice and something new and rich. Maybe new leather. My body softens in his arms and my tingly fingers wander down a tad. I can feel lines in his belly that forms six well defined abdominals and a low whine slips from my throat. “Find something you like, Evie?” He whispers into my hair line and his breath flutters the wisp’s of hair above my forehead.

“You’re so hard all over.” My drunk mouth blurts and I hear Lilly gasp. I’m unsure of what shocking thing I’ve said until his laughter rolls over my hair and his chest rumbles under my cheek. “Oh. No!” I realize my word blunder and try to push away from him to correct myself. “I didn’t mean, all over.”

“Not yet, sweetheart but if you keep letting those little fingers wander around my midsection like that I might just embarrass us both.” With that, his arm finally loosens enough for me to slide away from him. The bar tender returns his card and I throw my purse over my shoulder. Without another word I leave the bar and pull my plane ticket free to stand in line for boarding.