I Just wanted to take a second to thank every one who helped make “Soaked in Pleasures” Release a hit! 21604_10207135494843150_1362791665288810294_nThe hosting authors were so awesome! I one clicked so many books throughout Saturday. Between that and giveaways, I don’t know how my husband hasn’t spanked me yet! 10322801_796948317117265_1137139524854248727_nRight now, Soaked in Pleasure is ranking #210 in Amazons BDSM Category! If you haven’t picked it up yet, I would love your help it getting on the hot new release list! In order to do that I have to climb up the sale’s rank latter just a bit more! 702943_913686875412469_1348391675_nTo All the readers who joined the party… The BIGGEST thank you goes to you! I couldn’t have done any of this without you! Please keep your eyes open for “Dripping in Desire’s release. I imagine it will be releasing Late January-Early February! 544216_730971540373359_1239227024930489565_n