You know when you should leave something alone and let it be the rotten thing that it is without you poking at it and making it worse? Well, this IS one of those things but I can’t control my poking stick.

I’m so annoyed by something that may or may not be directed at me.

Each of us are different, Yeah? Each of us learn from each other.. what not to do, what TO DO? These are the things that make us human, correct?  These different people who come up with DIFFERENT ideas that turn into great ways to market are how we are able to have so many different avenues .So, why then, do others find it acceptable to bash another’s approach at trying to be successful?

Are you maybe jealous of the response their DIFFERENT ideas are getting them? Maybe you feel as though they are cheating…Its kinda hard to cheat at writing…people will like it..and people will hate it… no one has the same tastes. Someone once said… you need the bad reviews because no one wants to read something people aren’t talking about….

If it isn’t the way you would do something… that’s fine, its probably because we aren’t the same person…does that make you right and I wrong? No… It makes us DIFFERENT.

Sure, Sure.. it sounds like I’m bashing in return but honestly I’m not… I just feel hurt that while claiming to wanna lift people up, a person could yank them down by hurtful words and think that by not using their name they wont be the wiser.

Of course this is social media related and I tried, really, really tried to leave it alone and not think of it but instead I figured a blog is for venting…I think…among other things, so here I VENT!

Even if the post wasn’t about me and I’m feeling some kinda way for no reason…The person the post WAS about… didn’t deserve the harsh words or your opinion, nor of the bandwagon that followed you in the threads…

Being an Author is hard…whatever someone does to help themselves, I think should be their business.

Blah… I’m still annoyed but I feel better…