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An Agitated Gentleman ¸.•*¨)*★*´¨) <><> $3.99<><> The Submission Series Book Two Victoria and Gavin have been building a life together ever since a crazy stalker drove them into each other’s arms six months ago. As they continue to explore their scorching D/s relationship, what they discover only ties their hearts together in a tighter knot. But when Gavin is seriously injured while working as a volunteer firefighter, their worlds flip upside down. Her normally sweet and caring man turns angry and bitter, and suddenly everything they’ve built together is threatened. Will Vicki’s total submission and willingness to push any boundary for her man finally pull him out of his downward spiral before she loses him forever?


The Submission Series Book One

Burning Submission¸.•*¨)*★*´¨) #FREE in #KU


What Are Amazon Readers saying About An Agitated Gentleman?

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on October 23, 2015
The author of this book provided it to me in return for an honest review.

I think you’ll like this book! I certainly did!

An Agitated Gentleman is the second book in a two book story. Book two and picks up at the very end of book 1, providing terrific continuity of the story. Both books are about one couple, Vicki and Gavin. And they are likeable, strong characters you would want as friends! There is really great character development throughout the two books, much like building blocks. There is no cheating and the love is hot! There is a BDSM theme in the books but I would describe it as BDSM lite at most but the designation works well and allows the author to build on the whole “control” theme in Gavin, a wonderfully alpha Hero! I loved Gavin! Nice guy, honest, hard worker, community volunteer, attentive, commanding and best of all…no drama! I seriously think he could be the poster character for authors wanting to depict a loving Dom who is intelligent, thoughtful, consistent and always in control. I really enjoyed his quiet, always polite bossiness? Vicki, the heroine of the story is someone you probably have as a friend in real life. If not, you are going to wish she was! She is strong, smart, decisive, aware and kind and mature. The character development in these books is spectacular! So too, is the plot development, which unfolds very quickly, due to the length of book 1, Burning Submission. An Agitated Gentleman, creates an instant connection to the first book ensuring you are right back with the H and h, and their growing relationship. There is of course a threat in their story, creating an opportunity for the development of their relationship with a warmth you will enjoy! There is a HEA. I’m not sure, but I think this might be an early author, and if so, this is an amazingly strong, measured, well written and edited beginning! My suggestions would be that these 2 books would be better received combined into one book, better genre pricing and a bit of editing in the dialogue using contractions, as the formal was a bit distracting. I will definitely continue to read this author, and in fact am looking forward to her next book! 3.9/5 ”

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on October 2, 2015
This is the second book in the submission series. I cannot say enough about this series or the Author, they are both terrific. This picks up right where Burning Submission left off. Vicki is waiting to meet Gavin her dom. Vicki is just getting over a terrible ordeal in which Gavin saves her life. As Vicki is leaving to get in Gavin’s truck Vicki is confronted with a reminder of her ordeal. Gavin comes out to find Vicki in his truck curled up and she tell him what happened. Gavin goes back into protection mode, as things are happening Gavin is involved in a accident, while he is helping out with an accident as a volunteer firefighter. Gavin is a very strong man who becomes very agitated with the situation at hand. What is going to happen to Vicki and Gavin, will Vicki have to face the ordeal by herself, will Gavin’s accident tear them apart. Are they going to be able to overcome and triumph. J. Richards has a fantastic ability to draw you into her stories and you can imagine yourself as one of the characters. She is truly an author that you are not going to want to pass by.


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on November 14, 2015
I am amazed at this authors writing skills. For a short story I am in awww. The story feels longer than 90 pgs. The details and emotions are strong and leave you with that book hangover feeling, but no cliffhangers. Can’t wait for the next book.
Overview. This is the second story. So please read book 1 so you know what happened. Gavin and Vicki have kept there relationship going after the psycho was put in jail. Gavin asks Vicki to meet at the local bar. When she gets there she is mad that he is late, but he plans a special reward. Gavin introduces her to Smith, a friend from the fire station. They have a good time. On the way out, Vikki is approached by a guy and he scares her, letting her know that Dave is still watching out for her. Gavin freaks and talks to the local cops, but no suspect is found. Gavin has/was in a major accident. The accident starts to change their lives and test their relationship. That is until Stacey, Uri, and Vikki decide to make Gavin see past his injuries. But once her sees Vikki in the BDSM environment, he knows his heart is now on the line.

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on October 18, 2015
This is the second book in the submission series by J. Richards. Once again I couldn’t put it down and read it in one sitting.

The book starts out with Vicki waiting for Gavin at a bar, as she walks to the bathroom she is grabbed and dominated in the hallway by a waiting Gavin. And it was HOT HOT HOT.

While walking to Gavin’s truck she is confronted by a man who brings her ordeal with Dave spiraling back causing her to break down. Gavin finds her curled up in a ball and instantly goes into protection mode. As they move forward trying to find this man, another tragedy strikes that will make your heart stop.
Will Gavin and Vicki overcome everything and make it work?

I really enjoyed reading this book with the twists, panty melting BDSM scenes and heart stopping moments. You feel every emotion that Vicki is having. Thank you J. Richards for another great read. This is a must read series.

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on October 2, 2015
I fell in love with Vicki and Gavin in Burning Submission, and this book picks up right where they left off. Gavin is the handsome, loving, patient protector and Master of Vicki. He’s always there when things get bad and sketchy. But when a tragic accident happens, Gavin needs to learn when to let his ego go and allow Vicki to take care of him. This is a very realistic situation that many BDSM lifers struggle with. I love the twist this book took and admire the love, trust and strength this couple have that allow them to persevere through hard times and come out on top! Totally hot and panty melting! Fabulously written with the J. Richards’ touch! I would recommend this series to anyone that loves BDSM erotica as much as I do! No one would be unsatisfied!!

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on October 14, 2015
Another great book in J. Richards Submission Series! I loved the first book and this one was even hotter! We get to see Gavin and Victoria a few more months into their relationship and things are only getting better… still plowing through every test that can be thrown at them and these two just come out fighting! I love their connection and the ease at which they got to be where they are in their relationship… everything simply falling into place, like they were born for these roles together. A loving, protective master and a grateful, happy sub ❤ Loved it!