This wasn’t a normal date, but we aren’t a normal couple. The sun was fading into darkness when you stopped the car in front of an old barn. The wooden panels of the siding are bent and weathered, giving off the impression of a life of use now forgotten.

My tummy flutters with anxious energy when you told me to wait near the door. I watched your shadowy figure remove rope and chains from the truck. A small smirk displayed on your face as you strode near.

“Are you ready, fucktoy?” you growled into my ear. The chains in your hands clinking together and setting my skin on fire. A small nod is all I could manage which made you chuckle and grab my chin forcefully. “Use your words,” you remind me gently. Your thumb making its way to my lip and tugging my lower jaw down so my mouth opens for you.

“Yes, Sir. I’m ready.” I mumble around your thumb that is now rubbing against my tongue. Leaning over me you place a soft kiss to my forehead before ushering me into the dark and dusty space. No light lives here except the beams of the cars headlights that pierce through the wooden slats.

You order me to strip and I do so quickly not wanting to make you wait on me. Once I’m naked your hands shove my shoulders down, my knees hitting the dirty and small puffs of dust rise up to tickle my nose making me sneeze.

I look up at you and see emotions shift across your face. I smile wondering if you are second guessing your place of play. You know my allergies will come for me, you know everything about my body… but this setting is too much for you to pass up. Your hand appears before my face with a tiny pink pill in the center. My heat leaps at your thoughtfulness and I kiss your palm before licking up the pill and swallowing it down. Next you hand me a glass of water and I wash it down into my system.

“Wrists.” You command and I offer them up to you. The cold heavy metal cuffs lock around my tender skin and worry for the soft flesh seeps into my body. I close my eyes and vow to trust your choice.

My arms are stretched in from of my and locked to a place high on the wall. My spine stretches as I tip my ass up for you. Thighs are parted wide as I wait for your next demands….

What happens next? This is just for fun! Comment with the rest of the story using the picture as a prompt.