Good Morning All!! I’m still in bed with lots of pain but I wanted to give you a little tease to help pass my time. This is a snippet from Soaked in Pleasure (Releasing Soon!!) As always, this is unedited and subject to change…


“Okay, you’ve had your fun,” I whined and lifted my head to look at the clock on the night stand. It was already eight a.m. “You can let me go now, please.” I turned to look back up at Dillon. He was retreating from my upper body and moving between my out stretched thighs. I squirmed again and the restraints holding me spread eagle did their job of keeping me in place.

“Who said I was finished?” His head cocked to the side. “I’ve only just begun, little girl.”

“But, I need to go to work,” I couldn’t help but whimper. His body was sinfully sexy as he looked down at my helpless form.

“And?” The corner of his mouth kicked up in a wicked smile.

“And I have no clothes! I have to go next door and pray Joey has already left the house.” The thought of bumping into my newly ex-boyfriend, while trying to retrieve my things from the house we shared together until yesterday, made my stomach feel sick. Which was completely ruining the mood.

Oh?” He nodded his head and gripped his thick cock in one of his large hands. He leaned his hips closer to my open pussy and pressed his crown to my nether lips. Well that sure brought the ‘mood’ back real fast.

Oh?” I mimicked loudly. He then dragged his shaft down and back up, this time between my juicy lips and directly over my swollen clit. “Oh,” I moaned and tilted my hips up.

“You said you trusted me,” he rocked his hips back again. His member sliding easily through my slick folds but he kept himself from sinking into my willing body.

“I do,” I closed my eyes and turned my head to the side. His actions were torture and I wanted him to fill me. To steal my breath with the force of him owning my body.

“Then trust that I will get you to work on time.” He pressed harder against me. “And dressed too,” he winked and my pussy throbbed harder. “Just relax little girl.” I huffed in response. Relax? While he was doing  what he was doing? Right, I’d get right on that!

Dillon chuckled and lowered his mouth to my collar bone. He kissed, licked and nipped his way down to my breasts, which lifted high as I arched my back benathe him. His lips wrapped around one hardened peak and sucked deeply. I felt as though he was sucking up my soul through my chest, like he was drinking me in and making me a part of him. Hot juices flooded between my thighs. He moaned deeply and moved his lips and devilish tongue to my other breast.


Be sure to pick up book one while you wait to get SOAKED!


Drenched in Dominance By J. Richards

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