Today is my 27th birthday. Normally, on this day every year I never feel anything. It’s just the day that my mother brought me into the world and I have to remember not to say “You too” when people wish me a Happy Birthday.

Not this year however. This year I feel like I’ve done it! I’ve arrived.. I’m an adult!

When my illness made it clear that I could no longer work outside the home, my biggest fear was of becoming a burden to my husband. Something he had to live with and carry through this life instead of a partner to love and share in the joys of life with.  It scared me that I would never have a career but maybe a string of pointless jobs that only gave me little amounts of money to trick me into appearing to be useful.

This year however, I’ve put steps in place to CHANGE that. I’m an author now… new and very green but published! My royalties checks are still very small BUT each time they come, they get bigger and I KNOW that I can make this work.

For the last few years I have joked with my husband that I am no longer the child he married but a woman has taken that child’s place and its more truth than a joke.

I was 18 when I married him and 8 years later I’m still a wife, not many people thought it would last, I’m the mother of a smart/sassy 5 year old and I HAVE A CAREER!

I know we never stop growing and learning but … I think its safe to say… I’ve grown up.