Ohiopyle River Rapids in Fall

(This just a short blip of an idea that will be going into my next book. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means.)

Its early morning and you’ve come to pick me up at my home. You’re being silly and flirty but not demanding which is throwing me off and I’m unsure how to react. You’re in cargo shorts and a tee, hiking shoes and you’ve instructed I dress similar. You help me into the car and are just chatty the entire drive. You haven’t touched me once and its making me crazy. We pull over into a small picnic area and you throw on a small backpack. You place your hand lightly at my lower back as you lead me to the mouth of a trail.

There is a light breeze and the sun is hot. The woods are thick and the trail is narrow so I have to walk in front of you. Your playful attitude keeps up, your hands landing on my ass to help me up a few rough places in the trail. I can hear the sounds of a river getting closer and smile over my shoulder at you. When I look back your smile is bright, like you’re really happy to be here.

I keep moving until the river comes into view. It’s wide and flowing slowly, the true definition of a lazy river. Rocks break the cool waters pattern in random places. I sigh as I look at it and your front meets my back. Your arms wrap around me and your lips come close to my ear. “And now the fun begins.” You growl and a shiver races down my sweaty spine.

You strip me quickly. Not slow and loving but cool and calculated. My body settles in under your control as you bare me to the wilderness and yourself. You kick off your shoes and walk me into the shallow water. I giggle as cold mountain liquid licks at my ankles. In the center of the river there is a cluster of boulders with a large flat rock, the water washes against its edges.

“Lay down” You tell me and I do. The sun kissed rock feels good on my back and I close my eyes against the brightness of the sun. The water lapping at the edges of the rock splash up and dot my skin in cool kisses that I can predict where they will land.

You spread me eagle and use duct tape to secure me to the rock. A bubble of laughter spills from my lips at the idea of the duct tape actually holding. But you continue anyways, taking your time to splash more drops of cool water on my skin, light flicks of your finger to leave the drops trailing on my skin. “You’ll be here a while” you say softly and begin to lather me in sun screen, massaging every inch of my body, leaving my pussy untouched as I pull against the tape.

You nod as if satisfied with my state and pull out your cock. Standing over me you work you cock until you cum on my ribs and tits. I gasp, shocked that you came so quickly and your lips kick up in a devilish smile. “I plan for you to be here for a long time, Kitten.”

I know I am in trouble now and whimper. Tucking your softening cock back into your pants you drop to your knees on the rock and begin licking at my center. My back arches and I want to come so bad but you stop every time I get too close. Tears run from my eyes at my desperate need but it doesn’t make you change your actions. It feels like hours that you are between my thighs, nipping and kneading at my skin. I feel water against my legs and look up to see you picking up a smooth rounded river rock. Every muscle in my body tightens as I watch you bring the cold rock to my too hot skin. Your skilled fingers roll it against my inner thigh. Up one side and down the other until the rock is no longer wet. You dunk it back into the gurgling water and lower the hard bump to my swollen, need clit. My eyes squeeze shut as I scream out, my orgasm flooding from me but you keep rolling the rock in unknown patterns, keeping my orgasm going until I’m sure I’ll pass out. I scream and beg for mercy but it falls on deft ears as you continue. Your mouth meets my thighs in sweet soft kisses but your fingers keep moving, forcing me into another orgasm. Finally you drop the rock and cup river water in your hand. You pour it over my belly and I squeal against the sensation. Sweetly, you kiss my jaw and I relax into the touch, foolishly. Your hand grabs my soaked cunt and you squeeze, more tears fall from my eyes as you hold me tight. “Whose fucking pussy is this?” Your voice is in complete contrast to your hands strength.

“Yours!” I cry.

“Cum again” You bark and my flesh jumps. Two of your knowing fingers pound into my soft swollen pussy and I yell out, my strained voice bouncing off the water and the trees lining the river. You chuckle as I break for you, shattering into your palm. “That’s a pleasing sound, bitch” You growl before kissing my lips softly.

You look down at me, into my blurry eyes and grin. Roughly you yank at my ankles, ripping the tape holding me to the rock, which causing a burning sting to cover each ankle. Without giving me time to adjust to the freedom, you fold my body. My ankles now against your shoulders and your hand rubs my exposed lower lips and down to my ass hole. I use my ankles to press my ass into your hand. “I know, Kitten. Daddy knows what you need.”

My eyes roll back into my head at your words and you set your cock free. Touching the head to my tight asshole and pressing in. I groan as you fill me, but you’re moving too slow. I want you to fuck me hard but your pace is gentle, tormenting me like always. You dig into the river for another pebble and I shake my head no, your hips move a bit harder but still painfully slow. The chilled pebble finds my clit and you press it hard, I begin to cum and you grunt, fucking me hard now. Beating me into the flat rock as you take my ass. My pussy is dripping down over your shaft each time you with draw from my ass. My fresh cum milked from my contracting cunt to lube your cock while you own my body here on this hike into the woods.