images   My first scene for a Domma… As always this snippet is unedited and subject to change 😀 )

I pick up two pink leather wrist cuffs and a small wireless bullet. The tiny toy fits in my hand and is covered in a bumpy texture. I tuck the cuff between my elbow and side and push the button on the bottom of the bullet to see if it will turn on. It buzzes to life but the vibrations are weak. It needs new batteries but will do for tonight. I almost walk out and then think twice and grab a sample packet of flavored lube that came as a bonus gift with my last purchase.

When I come back into the bedroom Colin is sitting at the end of the bed with his hands folded together in his lap. “So what’s the safe word, sweetheart?”

“You pick, since you’ll be the one screaming it.” I sass while dumping the toys on the bed beside him.

“Screaming, huh? You think you can make me scream louder than I make you?” I can tell he is putting on a brave face with his taunting. His cock appears pretty excited but the way his chest is rising and falling tells me he is a little nervous.

“What fun would it be if I didn’t?” I perk an eyebrow and watch his Adam’s apple bob as he swallows.

“Be gentle with me, sweetheart.” This time it’s my turn to laugh and it jiggles my tits in my bra.

“I’ll consider it.” I part his knees and step between them. His hands cup my ass and because it feels so good I decide to allow it. “What’s your safe word?”

“Pest.” His hands begin kneading the flesh of my ass, pulling me into his body and I place my hands on his shoulder to stay upright.

“What?” I giggle. “Like bugs?”

“No,” He chuckles with me and shakes his head. “It’s a hockey term for someone who’s known to agitate the other team.” My eyes roll but his cleverness tickles me.

“Alright then. Don’t say it unless you mean it. If you stop my scene for no good reason, I won’t let you cum for a week.” He scoffs and I grab his chin firmly and pull his face up. “I’m not joking. We do this, we do it my way. You obey as best you can or you get punished and my favorite form of punishment is to not let you cum.” He makes a sound that’s between a groan and growl and I love it. I smile and lower my lips to his. I kissing him softly and his hands tighten on my ass. “If you want me to slow down but not stop just say,” I wrack my brain for hockey terms I’ve learned since we’ve been together. “Penalty.” He nods and stretches his neck trying to kiss me again. I pull my head back out of reach and the act makes my pussy twitch. “Stand up, handsome.”

I back up to give him room as he stands up straight. I’m thankful I left my heels on and ask him to hand me the leather cuffs. He turns to grab them and I close my eyes to inhale a deep steading breath.

“Here you go.” He lays them in my waiting hand.

“Thank you, take your shirt off, please.”

“Yes, Ma’,” He smirks while grabbing the hem of his shirt. “What do I call you?” He draws the shirt slowly up and over his head and tosses it to the middle of my bed.

“Mistress,” I purr and wrap one cuff around his wrist. The inside of the pink leather is lines with soft white wool and I twist it around to make sure it isn’t too tight. “Does that feel OK?”

“Yes, Mistress.” He answers with a wicked smirk on his face. I do the same with his other wrist and ask him to take two steps to the left. There isn’t a real footboard on my bed but on each corner is a small square post that sticks up about six inches from the mattress with a perfectly smooth ball on top for decoration. Each cuff sports a small D-ring on the inside of his wrist where they buckle and I clip them together behind his back.

I put my fingers under elastic band of my thong and pull them down my thighs and over my boots. I hold up the tiny lace I call underwear and his eyes follow them as I dangle them on my finger.

“I have no way to secure you to this tiny bed post, I’m gonna use my panties. If you pull and break them, I’ll be very disappointed.” I wait until he speaks before pressing my body against his front and reaching behind him to loop my panties around where the d-rings connect and align the leg holes to slip them over the oak ball. I peek around his arm to make sure they are far enough down but not too high that they will slip right off. I hold his elbows and lightly pull them. The thong stretches a little but doesn’t snap. If he really didn’t want to be stuck here, he could tear the flimsy fabric with little effort. It will have to be his will to obey me that holds him in place. “There we go.”

“I won’t break them, Mistress.” His emotions are clear on his face and I’m so thankful to the small blessing. He seems to be enjoying this game so far but what he doesn’t know is, I haven’t even begin yet.

I step back to look at him and with him bound to my bed all of my nerves disappear and an electric buzz kicks up in my veins. “I’ll be right back, handsome. Don’t move.” I walk slowly into the bathroom, letting him watch me as I walk away. The sound of my boots is swallowed by the carpet but I’m sure the sway of my naked ass has an even better effect.

In the bathroom I coat my lips in thick layer of red lipstick, much more than I would wear out in public because this is war paint. It will be used to mark Colin’s skin and smear over his thick cock. I can hear him clear his throat in the bedroom and I smile at myself in the mirror. Figuring he has had enough time to imagine what I’ll be doing to him, I snag a towel from the linen closet and return to him.

I toss the towel to the floor between his legs and place my hands on his abs. His body is everything a woman dreams of, hard abdominal muscles, swollen pectorals and that damn V-shape between his hips that leads straight to his huge cock. My hands roam up to his wide shoulders and my tits press against his chest when my fingers trail down to his bi-ceps.

“All this pure masculinity,” I whisper into the crook of his neck. “All this testosterone, restrained just for me.” I lick slowly up the shell of his ear and a low mumble rumbles his chest. “I’m gonna love having you,” I move my mouth back to his chest and place the first of many red kisses on his body. “Just the way, I want you.” I look up through my thick lashes and his lids are already heavy with lust.

I squat down in front of him, my ass cheeks resting on the heels of my shoes and tickle my index finger nail down a pulsing vein between his hips. Colin shifts his feet in response and my clit starts to throb. I grab the waist band of his sweats and pull them down painfully slow, until his cock springs out to meet me. I leave his pants wrapped around his knees and wrap my fingers around the base of his cock.

“Have I ever told you how beautiful your cock is, Colin?” I watch my hand as I tug up his length and a pearly drop of pre-cum seeps from the slit in his cockhead.

“No, Mistress,” The roughness of his voice makes me wet, knowing I’m the one causing it to change.

“Mmm, it’s so long, and thick.” I let go of his cock to retrieve the single packet of lube I left on the bed and use my teeth to tear the corner. As I lower back to my squat I place a kiss on his hip bone. “So perfect for gagging over.” His cock jerks up with my words and I feel giddy with power. “You like that idea, handsome?” I look up at his face again and his jaw is tensed up and instead of speaking he nods. I would like a verbal response but he is being so good so I let it go, for now.

I make a show of pouring a generous amount of lube into my hand and drop to my knees by his left side. I hug my right arm around the back of his left thigh and my hand slips between his legs.

“Please, fuck Tessa! No ass stuff!” He almost squeaks and rises up onto his tiptoes trying to escape my seeking hand. I laugh softly and shake my head.

“That’s not where I am going, Handsome. Relax and trust me.” Again he nods instead of speaking and lowers back to feet. With my hand still between his legs I slather my lubed palm over his nut sack. I keep my gaze up on his face to assess how he may be feeling, I don’t want him to come and end my fun too soon.

I cup and knead his balls in my right hand. His balls are heavy and full of need but they haven’t tightened up, yet indicating I should back off. He sighs out and I use my left hand to begin stroking his cock.

“You know you can’t come until I give you permission, right?”

“I was hoping you’d forget.” He smiles down at me with dark green eyes, his lust clear.

“Such a bad, bad boy. Don’t you dare come until I say so.” I watch as his head bobs up and down, agreeing to the terms and my left hand tightens into a fist around his dick. I pump my hand up and down, reach time I reach the tip, I twist my wrist and allow my palm to smooth over him swollen, bulbous head. “Do you have idea hot wet I am from seeing you like this?”

“Why don’t you let me loose so I can see?” His arms tug lightly against my thin thong and I squeeze his balls in my hand.

“Cheeky, boy.” I hold his cock by its base and kiss the weeping tip. He makes a growling sound and jerks his hips towards my mouth. I brush my lips back and forth against the underside of his cockhead and tsk him softly. “No, sir.” I pull my mouth back and let go of his balls. I move to my knees in front of him and use the pad of my finger to rub my lipstick into his shaft.

“Tessa,” he pants breathless and my pussy contracts at the sound of my name.

“You wanna see how wet I am?” I ask while standing and turning my back to him. I back up until my thighs met his and his straining cock slips between my thighs. I lean forward and shiver at the touch of his ridged length sliding against the burning heat of my soaked pussy lips.

“Fuck, you’re so hot.” He whines and thrusts his hips against me. I can feel him trying to pump in an upwards arc, hoping to stab between my lips and enter me. I clench my thighs together around his cock and push up on my toes inside my heels to avoid his wishes. He thrusts faster, jacking off with my body. I look at him over my shoulder and see his head is thrown back with his lips parted as he pants for me.

I allow him to tease both of us for a few more long seconds. His cock glides across the tip of my swollen clit and I moan with him. “You want to fuck me?” I ask already knowing his answer.

“Yess,” he hisses and I step away from him. His hips are still pumping until the air of the room kisses over his hot, wet dick and he sucks in a harsh inhale before letting his body slack against the bed post. “Let me fuck you Mistress.” He begs softly. It’s music to my ears but I’m not done with him yet.

“Not yet, Handsome.” I walk the few steps to the small ottoman that stays in front of the chair in my bedroom. I push it easily over until it’s before him and pick up the small wireless bullet. I recline back on the foot stool with my legs parted and his hungry gaze devours my pussy.

“I don’t wanna play any more Tessa,” he jerks against the panties keeping him in place and I hear the fabric stretch but not break. I turn the bullet on and rub it between my lips. My spine bows and my hip twitch to meet the bullet where I want it most.

“Then say your safe word.” I close my eyes as I circle the bullet around my clit. My thighs tense and bunch as I near orgasm.

“Will we fuck if I do?” He almost spits the words and with a grin I reach out my hand and rub the pad of my index finger against the sensitive spot just under his mushroom head. His hips again thrust against my little finger to gain more sensation.

“If you,” I gasp as the bullet picks up the burning heat in my channel and zaps pleasure through my limbs. “Are in pain, or just cant take any more, yes. We will fuck but if you are safe wording just because you don’t want to obey me it would make me sad.” His cock is drooling now and I can feel it throbbing on my finger.

“Fuck, I just want to come!” He grunts and a smile crosses my face.

“Mmm, yes baby. Come for me.” I moan with my own pleasure and his need for release.

“Let me fuck you,” he continues to beg and I shake my head.

“You better come when I do or you’ve missed your chance.” The pad of my finger rocks over his head as he fucks it. “Colin, I’m gonna come. Come for me with just my finger touching you.”

In the same moment that my body tightens to the point of breaking, his thighs appear to lock up and I can almost see his heart beating through his chest. Strong jets of come shoot from his cock, covering my belly and the towel on the floor between us. I scream out his name as I come with him and his come dribbles down my finger.

Both of us are panting heavily as we regain ourselves and I sit up. Tossing the bullet to the towel, I lean forward and let my tongue slip free of my mouth to lick up his cum running down my finger. He moans while he watches me and when my finger is clean I seal my lips around his softening cock and suck hard.

His body jerks and pushes his cock into my mouth. I wash my tongue along his shaft and remove any evidence of his pleasure before withdrawing and standing up. I pull my thong off the bedpost and it flutter to the floor when I unclip the D-rings attaching his wrists together.

With his arms now free he wraps me in a hug and sits on the end of my bed. I crawl up into his lap and kiss his jaw. I can’t stop kissing him, all along his neck, up his throat and over his cheeks. He lays backwards, taking me with him and our mouths meet in a burning kiss.

Minutes pass before he breaks the kiss and I move to the mattress and hug my body to his side. Colin turns his head and kisses my forehead. “That was fucking amazing.” I lift my head from his shoulder to look at his face and be sure that he is being honest with me.

His eyes are light green and his face appears relaxed. “It was really good, thank you for everything.” I feel tears of happiness stinging at my eyes. It’s been so long since I was able to take control over anyone and I’ve never had the joy of watching someone keep themselves in place only for my pleasure. He obeyed, no, he submitted to me and it’s was the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen. I hug him tight, hoping he will feel the sincerity of my words through the hug.

I lay in his arms until both of us are breathing normal. I slip free of him and fill a glass full of water from the kitchen. I also grab a banana and return to the bedroom. He is still laying on his back and his eyes are closed, his breathing is even and I wonder if he’s fallen asleep.

“Can I fuck you now?” He asks with his eyes still shut and I laugh at his question.

“Yes, but drink this first.” He sits up, leaning on his elbow and gratefully accepts the glass and drains it. “Are you hungry?” I offer him the banana but he shakes his head and I lay it on the end table.