tbts-water_faucet_bw(This is an unedited and subject to change sneak peek into a work in progress that was just finished and sent to a publisher. Cross your fingers it gets a good home! )

I never thought he would be open to playing bedroom games and in a few more agonizing minutes I’ll give him my submission. In a way I guess I’ve given it to him all along without really knowing it. My heart I gave to him when we were kids, my body when we became teenagers and my soul when we married, but I don’t think I’ve ever given him my mind. Tonight I hope to place all four at his feet and let him fill me up until everything but him fades away. I’m pacing the kitchen now, I didn’t know how badly I wanted this until he spoke the words and opened the door for me to accept it as a possibility.

“Pretty girl?” His voice startles me from my thoughts and I turn to face him. He is standing in the door way of the kitchen in only a pair of jeans. He must have been running extra in the gym lately because I can see faded outlines of ab’s he hasn’t sported in a long while. My mouth waters at the sight of him and I lean against the counter for support.

“Yes?” I answer dumbly.

“Are you ready to play with me?” His hands hide in his front pockets and I wonder if he is nervous too.

“I think so.” I smile but can’t seem to get my feet to move.

“I did a lot of research after reading your book.” He says from the doorway, also seemly unable to come closer. “I don’t want to pretend to know what I’m doing and I don’t want to hurt you so I think we should have a safe word,” He shrugs. “I assume you know what that means.”

“Yes,” I nod and bite into my lower lip. “Let’s use ‘Avery’.” I suggest and he chuckles.

“Yup that will kill a hard-on, alight.” Finally he comes closer and brushes my hair from my face and tucks it behind my ear. “I set up my idea for a scene upstairs. My only goal is to make you feel good and take some of your stress away. It may seem silly but I feel like if we both enjoy this, maybe we can use it in replacement of some of your medication.”

His sweetness overwhelms me and I close my eyes. “It’s a good idea. I wish I thought of it a few months ago.”

“Let’s just see how tonight goes. You may end up hating it.” He kisses my forehead and takes my hand in his. “Please tell me if you do.” He tugs me gently and I follow him up the stairs. The upper level is silent and we tip toe passed the children’s closed bedroom doors.

Inside the bedroom is dark but the bathroom light is on and shining brightly. We walk past the bed and into the bathroom. Confusion swirls in my mind but I stay silent waiting for instructions from Jared. He seems to have really planned something elaborate and I don’t want to make him second guess himself.

“Strip for me pretty girl.” He commands and leans against the bathroom sink to watch me undress. I do it quickly, fumbling with the buttons on my jeans. We’ve been married for so long that I’m not really embarrassed to be nude in front of him but something about this feels different. He is looking over my body as if it’s the first time he has seen all of my skin exposed and I shiver under the weight of his gaze. “Good girl. Please get in the tub.”

“What?” I ask before realizing the words came out. He perks and eyebrow at me and I do as he asks. “Sorry Sir.” I giggle and fold my hands behind my back like the good little sub missives in my books. Standing in our bathtub completely naked and off balance, I just look at him for what I should do next.

“Lay down for me.” He asks and I sit on the cool porcelain. I lay back and more goosebumps rise up over my skin. He reaches over me and grabs for my ankle. He pulls my leg out of the tub and drapes it over the side. I can’t see his hands but feel him tying something to my ankle and securing it in place. Whatever the fabric is, it’s soft like silk and rubs warmly over the bones in my ankle. “Hang on, sweetness.” He says softly and I close my eyes. I hear him move around the tub and my other ankle is dragged from the tub and he repeats the process. “God, this is so hot.” He mumbles more to himself than to me.

I open my eyes and look down my body. He has my legs opened wide and my ass is now low in the tub. His hand stretches out for the knob that will turn on the water and I notice my pussy is angled just under the faucet, my body totally open and unable to close. My eyes dart to Jared’s face and he winks at me. He twists the knob just slightly, nothing happens and all my muscles tighten, bracing for the flood of water that isn’t coming. A moment passes before a single drop of water falls from the faucet and lands directly on my clit.

The cool drip makes me jump when it connects to my hot skin and then slowly trickles down my labia. It seems like hours before the next water droplet gets heavy enough to fall and licks down my clit.

“Water torture?” I exclaim and Jared just smiles down at me.

“I hope you are comfortable because it’s gonna be a long night, pretty girl. Give me your hands please.”

“Oh my God.” I murmur while offering my wrists up over my head and watching my husband lace them together with one of his old leather belts that he doesn’t wear anymore. Another drop of water falls and steals my breath as well as my attention.

“Feels good?” he asks and pulls my arms up and back. He secures the belt to something at the back of the tub and my arms are now stretched out tightly. “How do your shoulders feel?”

“Fine.” I blink up at him and two drops of water fall at the same time making my thighs tense but the ties keep them from closing.

“Let me know if they start to hurt, OK?” He leans into the tub and claims my mouth in a deep, hungry kiss. His tongue plunders past my teeth and tangles with mine. I feel his fingers brushing over my nipples and my hips squirm. I gasp but he swallows it while his hand lifts my left breast.

My nipples harden and his thumb swipes over the hard peak. He pulls his lips back from our kiss and looks down at me. “You like this?” I open my lips to speak but he pinches my left nipple so hard between his thumb and index finger that I forget what he asked me. “I like this. I like the look on your face, the sexual need is so clear.” He releases my nipple and the rush of blood to the denied nerve endings is more painful than the pinch itself.

I watch helplessly as he twists the knob again and a steady trickle of water washes over my clit. It feels as good as my vibrator and I want more. I need more. I try to rise my hips to the faucet and he tsks me under his breath. “Tonight, I get to saw when you come. That’s what you want right baby? For me to make all your choices?”

“Yess,” I moan and watch as he hand rubs my belly and dips between my thighs. He cups my pussy mound, cutting off the stream of water and the pleasure it brings. I groan and then wheeze when he slips two fingers into my wet entrance.

“Tell me,” His head cocks to the side and his focus is only on my face while he fingers drag in and out of my clenching pussy. He twists his hand so the water can again meet my clit and the combination of sensation rocks me. I close my eyes and arch my spine.

“Please, Jared. I want you to make all my choices.”

“And take all your stress away?” He impales me on his fingers. Holding them inside of me as deeply as he can make them fit and waits.

“Yes, all of it.” In a sudden flurry his fingers wiggle inside of me. Pitter patting on my g-spot and I can barely contain the fire building inside of my body. “I want to come.” I whine and he removes his fingers fully from my body and smears my juices on my mouth.

“No.” He stands up and again turns the knob but in the wrong direction. The water again struggles to break free of the faucets and taps at my clit in a sporadic rhythm I can’t predict. “I’m only just beginning to like this control stuff my dear. I can’t let it end so soon.” He pulls his cock free from his jeans and start to pump his hand up and down it while standing over me.

“Jared,” I whimper with my sexual frustration and he closes his eyes while his head tips back.

“I’m so hard if I don’t come now I won’t be able to keep playing our games, Katrina.” His cock begins to drip pre-cum onto my tits. Most of it lands on his thighs since he is standing over me but the tiny pearl drops that do land on my skin cover me in a sense of ownership. He owns me right now. “We don’t want this game to end, do we?” He tenses and his hips thrust forward to hump his hand. I struggle in my restraints. Watching his jack off is the hottest thing I have ever seen and I want to touch him or taste him or both.

“Please Jared.” I beg softly. Arching my back to lift my tits.

“Fuck, Katrina!” He growls and we both watch as his cock empties onto my tits. The hot goo of his seed burns my skin in contrast to the chilly water dripping on my pussy. My brain whirls at the duel temperatures and I’m shivering in need.

He bends over and clutches the tubs sides of balance. We are both breathing hard and the sounds echo in the bathroom. “Do you have any idea how beautiful you are? Covered in my come, wanting my cock and practically drooling on yourself because of it?”

“I want to come too.” I pull at my arms uselessly and pray he will end my blissful torture soon.

“Mmm, yes.” He agrees and gathers his come from my tits. He balances the thick cream on his two fingers and then rubs it into my clit. Coating my most sensitive area with him very essence. His fingers pinch my clit between them as he rubs up and down. Then he starts to make small fast circles over my nub and the water is still dripping slowly. Blending into the pleasure he is stirring inside of me. “Tell me how you feel baby. I want to hear you say I’m all you can think of and that this need in your pussy makes you forget all of your stress.”

“Yes, yes, it does.” My body bows and I’m so close to coming I don’t think anything can stop it but Jared stills his hand and everything seems to be teetering on an invisible brink. I’m not coming but my limbs are a light with sparks of energy.

“What does?” He demands.

“I can’t think,” I cry and that must have been a good enough answer for him because he dives two fingers into my pussy and his thumb flicks back and forth on my clit. My orgasm is the biggest I’ve ever experienced and the worlds seems to go white. Blanking out everything but the pleasure Jared is causing. He moves his fingers slowly, prolonging my pleasure and his free hand shuts of the water. I feel him reaching over my head and my arms slacken soon after. They fall to my sides and he is still fingering my pussy gently. It feel so good that I don’t want to move.

I force my eyes to open and when I do he is smiling. “Feel good pretty girl?”

“So good.” I sigh, which turns to a whimper as he pulls his fingers from my core. He uses both hands to quickly untie my ankles and help me from the tub. I feel a little dizzy as I stand up and he hugs me to his body. My knees wobble slightly and with a chuckle he picks me up and carries me to our bed.

A towel is already laid out for my wet behind and I am thankful for his planning. He cuddles beside my body and begins to cover me in kisses. I just had the best orgasm of my life and already I want more. He removed his jeans at some point and his erection pokes into my thighs.

“If you promise to keep me informed, baby, I can give you everything you want.” He purrs into my collar bone. “We can conquer the world as long as we do it together.”

“I promise,” I let my hands roam his solid back and he shifts himself between my open thighs, lining us up for the best intercourse we’ve ever shared.