This is an unedited sneak peek at chapter one, Drenched in Dominance is supposed to be releasing 11/13. Thank you everyone who has been waiting on this one!


It was a Thursday afternoon, I had just got home from grocery shopping after work. My blue jeans were becoming more and more uncomfortable and I couldn’t wait to lock myself up in the house and drag on some sweats! Is it just me who changes in to pajamas as soon as I get home for the day or do other people do that too? The driveway was empty, Joey was still at work so I began to unload the car while mumbling about the summer heat coming on a bit strong for early May. I’d made two trips from the car to the house already and probably had two more left before the back seat would be empty again. Having had to pick up food and supplies for the bar-b-cue Joey was planning on throwing this weekend made for a much bigger shopping trip than I had imagined. I dropped the bags I held in my arms on to the kitchen counter and as I turned around I slammed into a big chest.

My hands flew out to balance myself, grabbing tightly to the two massive biceps as I bumped off the solid chest of the strange man standing so close to me. I had to look up, way up to see his face. He must be at least six inches over six feet tall. His height alone took my breath away.

He was more rugged than handsome as he looked down at me. Dangerous, yet tempting. His blonde hair was short but the front half was swept over to side in a kind of Ethan Hawke fashion. His big hazel eyes bore down into my pale blue one and made my knees lock. He was wearing a deep coal grey suit, with a soft pink tie hanging loosely around his thick neck.

“Um,” I couldn’t think of anything to say. How had he got in here? Who the hell is he! He smiled like the devil and lifted his right hand up in offering. We were so close together that his fingertips brushed my side. In his left arm he was holding the rest of my groceries.

“Hey,” he teased and his voice made me shudder, it was so deep and rough. “I’m Dillon Wade. I just moved in,” His chin tipped toward the left. “Next door, I saw you bringing these in all by yourself and didn’t want to miss the chance at being a good neighbor.” I smiled back nervously and let my much smaller hand slip into his. He held my hand firmly for a second too long before letting go. He took one more step closer which made me back up. My ass meeting the counter, trapping me against it. I felt like a mouse who’d just been spotted and cornered by a hungry cat.

“Oh,” was my only response. He grinned again and raised an eyebrow. “Th-thank you,” I stammered. “For your help.” I forced the words out and he added the bags in his arm to the pile I was making behind me on the counter. He loomed over me as he did so and I sucked in a deep breath. Dragging in the scent of his cologne, it was rustic and spicy. My tongue hit the roof of my mouth with the urge to lick his throat. Instead I cleared my throat and tried to think of something to say. “We are having a little get together in the back yard this weekend.” I looked to his left hand and saw no golden band around his fourth finger. “Mostly my Boyfriend’s work friends but a few neighbors will swing by. You are more than welcome to join us and meet everyone.”

One side of his mouth kicked up and his eyes moved down my body slowly. I could practically feel his gaze on my tits and down my stomach, flowing over my hips and across my thighs. He didn’t try to hide his inspection of my body. More like he was dragging it out to prove that he had every right do it. I shifted my feet, my work heels echoed their clanking against the tile floor in the big open space.

“I’d be honored too,” was all he said before backing up and exiting the house, through the open door leading to the garage.

“One O’clock, on Saturday!” I called to his wide back, following after him. I leaned against the door frame and couldn’t help but wish I had a reason for this strange man to stay a while longer. Without turning back I saw him nod and his hand lifted in an acknowledging gesture. He ducked into a fancy black corvette that was parked in the driveway next to mine. Hadn’t I read somewhere that corvettes were the most dangerous cars to own? Dillon pulled the keys from the ignition, I couldn’t move as I watched him. He climbed back out with a briefcase in his hand and smiled in my directions one more time before entering the house. Once he was gone I could finally breathe again and I sagged against the door. Phew! Talk about needing to pull myself together! I quickly finished putting all the groceries away and tried not to think about my new neighbor. It must be the mystery of him that was so alluring. That’s all it is, I am sure of it. I would have plenty of time Saturday to find out if he was worthy my thoughts or not.