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Chapter One

“So which one of these big babies is supposed to be yours, again?” I asked cradling my beer can between my gloved hands. My breath puffs from my lips in little clouds and I rub my thighs together in a jog like motion to keep the blood flowing in my cold legs.

“Come on, Trina. He’s twenty-five, not eighteen and he’s the one in the goal box.” Tessa explains with her hands waving wildly, warning me that this should be the last time she has to tell me this tasty bit of information about her current man crush. She leans closer to the plexi glass that is keeping us safe from flying pucks and the boys in giant pads. On the other side, in the danger zone, is her newest boy toy. He plays goalie for the local college hockey team and Tessa has dragged me from my busy life to come with her and watch the first game of the season.

“Oh, is that what he told you?” I giggle and duck her flying hand that’s trying to swat me.

“Give me a break, not everyone gets to meet their prince charming at the age of five and then marries his ass as soon as it’s legal.”

“Ah,” I scoff. “I was six,” I correct, emphasizing the fact that I was all of six years old not a mere five, when I met the boy who would grow into the man I now call my husband. She playfully punches me in the shoulder, my ducking skills must be numbed by the chill in the air. I make a shocked face while gripping my arm where she had just struck me. I make a painful hissing sound and she rolls her eyes before looking out over the rink again.

“Of course, how could I forget?” She begins grinning like a fool when the goalie looks over his shoulder and gives her a nod. I imagine he winked too but it’s impossible to tell with that big mask covering his face. The men on skates rush back and forth along the ice, grunting and heaving their large frames into each other. I pick up my booted foot and rest it on the bench beside me.

The noise in the arena becomes dull for a moment as the opposing team calls a time out. People around us disappear in to the lobby for beer refills while a Zamboni polishes the scratched up surface. Pop music flows through the ancient speakers in a crackly rasping groan but that doesn’t stop Tessa’s hips from swaying side to side with the rhythm of the beat of a nineties song.

“Dang it, I have to pee again,” she announces and drops her own can of beer on the bench by my foot. “Watch my drink,” she orders me with a pointed finger. I feel my eyes widen before my head cocks to the side.

“It’s that old lady bladder of yours, ain’t it?” I wiggle my eyebrows, “ Musta’ taken’ too much a beating from the new boy toy, huh?” I tease her and nod my head in the direction of the man we came here to watch.

“Shut up!” She squeaks as she darts for the ladies room on the far side of the building. Once she is gone, I turn my vision back on the ice rink. My knowledge of hockey is about as vast as my knowledge of golf. I know the players use stick like things to try to get the ball or I guess they call it a puck, into the net. That’s about it. All the players look the same to me as they move back on to the frozen floor. The only reason I know which man is Tessa’s, is because his big, padded ass is bent over in the goal in front of me. At least I got a good view, thanks Tessa.

A sudden rush of pain barrels into my brain. In my hurry to grab ahold of my head, I drop my beer and feel the liquid already soaking through my fuzzy boots and wetting my soaks, before the can even clatters to the ground. I close my eyes when the rink starts to tilt and my dizzy head starts to lean to the right. The foot that was resting on the bench falls to the ground and the impact helps me find some balance, righting myself. As quickly as it came the intense pain fades, leaving only confusion in its wake. I blink a few times and take a moment to process that really do feel fine, the strange ach is gone.

I look around me and people are laughing with friends, drinking and teasing each other. Everything seems as normal as it did ten minutes ago but something feels very different. I scan the faces of the people closest to me. None of them are looking at me but I know they are talking about me. Their whispered giggles get louder but stay muffled, I can’t decipher what they are saying exactly, but I hug my arms around my upper body and lean into the edge of the rink. Trying to avoid the feeling pricking at my shoulders, I watch over ice as the game begins again.

Two very large, very fast players, race towards the clear sheet of fake glass in front of me. The player wearing the same jersey as Tessa’s boyfriend, slaps his stick down in front of the other player a second too slow. The puck glides freely on its way to the goalies net. But magically slips right into the safety of Tessa’s boyfriends, massive glove.

The men who were fighting for the puck seem to have forgotten how to stop, they slam their shoulders into the protective glass and clash together, causing me jump back. My ass is met by a wall of heat in my hasty retreat. I know I hadn’t felt that warm since we walked in here and I try not to bury myself against its source. I look over my shoulder at the giant man whose foot I have just stomped on with my wet Uggs.

I assume they are called Uggs because they are so damn ugly. The day Tessa bought them for me, I swore I would never wear them. She giggled while forcing me to try them on. I hated to admit it but they were kind of comfortable. And warm, so warm. Instead of refusing to wear them, I just complain every time I have to put them on, which irks Tessa to no end, so it’s totally worth the fashion risk.

“Oh, I’m so sorry,” I rush an apology and take a step forward to remove myself from atop this handsome stranger’s foot.

“That’s alright.” His smile is wide, showcasing beautifully white teeth. His lips are thin and there is a small scar puckering the tender skin of the corner of his lower lip. “Those boys could give any one a heart-attack with how hard they ram that damn glass.” I can feel my cheeks flushing and I quickly blame it on the beer instead of the tall, sexy furnace that’s speaking to me. I turn towards the glass in hopes he won’t notice that he is having any kind of effect on me. I watch as the player’s barrel back towards the goalie. Tessa’s man steps out of the box that he’s supposed to be defending and this time the puck races pass him. An inch between his stick and the side of the goals edge, allows the puck to slip into the goal. Cheers erupt from all around me and an equally giant hand slams the clear barrier a few feet above my head. The attached arm is over my shoulder and the man behind me yells at the goalie to ‘do a better fucking job’. I can faintly see his square jaw in the reflective glass as he beats his palm against its surface. His reflection wobbles with the force of his hand, distorting the image of his face into ripples.

“Come on, dammit!” His deep voice screams. I flinch from the strength of his voice. He’s standing so close to me now that he must have felt my slight jerk because he lowers his hand to my shoulder. “Oh, now it’s my turn to apologize.” His lips quirk up in a playful smile. “Fucking shitty defense.” His chin tips to indicate Tessa’s boyfriend and I can’t stop the burst of laughter that bubbles from my lips. “I’m sorry that I yelled in your ear, sweetness.”

“I’ll have to take your word for it, the shitty defense part, that is. Hockey’s not really my thing. I wouldn’t know if the defense was shitty or if the offense was just that incredible.” I try to smile back at him, proud of myself for knowing the difference between offense and defense, but I can feel his gaze moving over my body now and my breathing quickens to catch up with my racing heart. His hand rubs down my shoulder to my bicep and he grips me gently.

I look down at his large hand holding on to me. Thick veins spread across the smooth space that is the back of his hand and for some odd reason, I feel the need to lick over those bulging lines. To flatten my tongue along them and curl it up and over his thick digits. I swallow and bite my tongue to keep it inside of my mouth and not on this stranger’s hand.

His big frame looms over me when he leans closer to my ear, his chuckle is soft and causes his lips to brush against my earlobe. His hand slides from my arm to my waist before I have a chance to unleash my tongue from my mouth. Then, following the curves of my body his hand moves over to the swell of my hip before stopping. Tingles shoot out from under his fingertips, spreading across my skin and making my heart beat event faster.

“I could teach you, if you wanted.” His voice becomes huskier than before and I feel myself leaning into the warmth of his chest. I chose cute clothes over warm ones when Tessa said we would be going to the ice rink tonight. My thin leggings do almost nothing to keep out the chill of the arena and my light knit sweater dress isn’t helping much either. I unfold my arms from across my chest but it feels wrong and I lift them back to cradle my heavy tits as I turn my face slightly to look back over my shoulder at this stranger who is taking the liberty to touch me freely.

“R-really, you don’t h-have to do that. I’m only here because of my f-friend.” I stutter nervously. His fingers tighten on my hip and with a quick jerk, he pulls my ass firmly against his crotch. I can feel his hard length trying to stab at my rear, through my dress and it shocks a slight gasp out of my throat. The small gasp that falls from my mouth gives my brain an audible indication that I need to move, to get away from the man but I can’t do either. Again, he makes a deep sound of laughter from his within his chest and it rumbles across my back.

            “A boy, friend?” he asks as the game continues in front of us, I can feel the crowd moving in tighter. Forcing him forward and my hips get pressed against the half wall surrounding the ice. My tits are now pressed against the plexi glass and my nipples harden instantly at the cold kiss like touch. I shake my head to answer his question and lift my gaze to meet his heavy lidded one. His eyes are a swirling mass of a green and gold mixture that sucks me in and makes me want more of his heated stare caressing me all over.

            “Not a boyfriend, my husband’s at home. I’m here with my best friend.” I know that I really need to get his hands off of my body but something about the weight of his hands feels just right and only enough wrong to make it fun. I move my shaky hands to cover his, pulling at his fingers but not forcefully. The bright over-head lights bounce off the large diamond on my left hand. Throwing reflections back at my face, just another reminder that I shouldn’t be allowing any of this to happen. I’m almost sure he can tell I’m uncomfortable but that the knowledge seems to only increase his desire.

            “Oh, a husband, huh?” His lips press against my neck in a hot kiss that causes me to shudder. I close my eyes tightly but my head tilts to the side to give him better access to my neck. His breath is hot against my cold skin when he continues to speak. “What man in his right mind would let you out of the house, looking as edible as you do?” The words bounce around in my brain. I feel my spine melting at the wicked feelings stirring in my lower belly.

            “Y-you need to let m-me go.” I whisper half-heartedly. “My friend is only in the restroom.” I have nowhere to go to escape his hands or his sinful mouth for that matter. The rink blocks me from making a forward escape and his body is against my rear. The crowd around us has grown thicker and everyone is entranced by the action of the game. The fingers of his right hand slide from my hip to the back of my thigh and slowly, so slowly I hold my breath, he creeps them just under my ass.

            “Then we’ll need to make this quick.” He declares it like a promise. Arousal floods my system and slickens my center. A damn fine night to forgo panties.

            Those unfamiliar fingers press firmly against the seam of my leggings and my feet split apart without my permission. I feel my upper half leaning forward to press my ass back against him, letting him touch me as he pleases. He finds my clit through the thin fabric of my pants and rubs forcefully. My knees began to wobble and I drop my forehead to the glass. My silent panting is causing condensation on the plexi glass and I reach up to wipe it away quickly. He increases the pressure and speed he is using on my body and I can’t help but grind my hips backwards into his crotch. Again, his lips seek out my neck and I feel his teeth gently nip at the tender flesh. The sensation makes my pussy contract, begging to be filled instead of tormented. He groans into my ear and his other hand splays across my lower belly.

            “I want you to cum for me, right here, in front of all of these people. Can you do that for me?” He growls his impossible desires.

            The hard rubber puck thwacks into the glass and I blink hard. People are screaming and jumping up and down all around me. I blink hard and see that our team has just scored the winning goal. The heat that was covering my back is gone but my tits are still pressed to the glass but there are no longer any hands on me. I shake my head to clear my confusion and look behind me. The man who I had bumped and then allowed to press himself against me and touch me intimately is now smiling brightly and high fiving with a few other men beside me. How did he get over there so fast? I squeeze my eyes shut and rub my hand over my forehead. My brain throbs a little and I bend my neck from left to right to release tension tugging at my shoulders.