Ladies night out has never been so hot…

When Abby goes out for her girl’s night at a local bar, things go from hot to bothered in moments. Her friend dares her into a naughty drinking game and she has to decide whether or not to accept. The man in question is a tall, dark and handsome stranger sitting at the bar. The mission? Drink a shot from between her well-endowed chest. What Abby decides next will land her from the frying pan and into an inferno of temptation and desire. Abby goes home to her husband but can’t stop thinking about the sexy stranger. When events transpire giving her a chance to meet him again she has a choice to make.

This book is hot, hot, hot. The interaction between Abby and the sexy stranger is a scorcher and there is a certain mix of trepidation due to the fact she is married. You don’t usually find married women in romance novels where they go off with another man while they are married but in this case it serves to act as a page turner. There are some interesting developments toward the end of the story and I can’t decide if I wanted it to go that way or just outright have her do something different. (I can’t say more or I’ll spoil it for you!)

The dialog, the action, the characters all were well done and I wanted the story to go on and on. Especially certain parts, but I’ll leave it to you to figure out just what those parts might be. Abby is a woman on the cusp of realizing her wants include things that go beyond being a wife and mother. She wants a hint of naughty in her life and she is fast finding out just how to find it.

As a married woman, I could identify with the situation she finds herself in. Do the dare or not. Go the extra step or not. Go home to her husband or explore the needs that have found their way into her life. It’s a tricky little pickle but the author handles it very well.

If you’re looking for a short hot read this summer, then you have to give this book a try. Just remember to have a glass of ice water nearby for the heat wave that’s coming.