First Page!!


I always look forward to girls’ night. A few hours, every other week, where I am allowed to be me. Just Abby! Not the wife and mother that I struggle to be day in and day out. Tonight we’ve chosen the fun and casual atmosphere of Submerge. The bar is filled with a soft blue hue and laughter is abundant. People mill about in groups for after work drinks. Football games from tv’s in every corner of the room and loud pop music blast against my ears.

“Okay!” Kelly squeals as she presses another beer into my hands. The foam spills over the top and I can’t stop the girly giggle that escapes my lips as I run my hands over the glass, flicking the excess liquid in her direction. Her nose wrinkles and she pinches my side. More giggles ensue before she begins again. “It’s dare time!” she whispers all too loudly and we huddle together, eyes spanning over the crowd in the bar. “I dare you to get a guy to take a shot from your cleavage.” She wiggles her perfectly threaded eyebrows at me.

“What! Are you crazy?” I half-heartedly gasp. In real life, I would never contemplate doing such a thing but girls’ night isn’t real life. It’s escape. “Do I get to pick him?” I laugh before swallowing down half of my beer for courage.

“What fun would that be?” She grins wickedly and sits up taller to look for her victim. “You would choose the meekest man in here.” Kelly’s lips part in an ‘O’ and she points a finger. I have to lean against her to see who she has picked out.