*~*~*~Content Warning~*~*~*

~~~~~~~~Not for the underage or faint of heart~~~~~~

I bend slightly and take a second to catch my breath before knocking. I lick my glossed lower lip and I rise up on my tip toes, bouncing as I wait. The door opens and Battle stands in a jeans, I’m thankful I didn’t choose some silly skirt. A white button up shirt hangs unbuttoned over his wide shoulders and is showing off his tight stomach. I bite my lip hard and look up into his playful blue eyes.

“You’re late” His rough voice is all most sing-song-ie as he teases me. He steps back and stretches out his long arm in invitation. I lick at my lip again and walk through the doorway. The apartment is flooded with daylight and very open. I’m surprised by the size of it and spin in a small circle as I take in the light tones of the walls and the tan furniture. The kitchen is massive and stuffed with stainless steel appliances but still it doesn’t seem like the place I imagined Battle would live. He slams the front door making me jump, my nerves already on edge.

He steps up to me, invading my space. I try to take a step back but his arm comes around my body and grabs my lower back. He presses his hips and chest to my front. Crushing me to him. I gasp and smooth my hands up his chest. The tiny hairs here tickle my palms as I run my fingers through them. His other hand grips my chin in the gesture he uses often and I feel like I am melting into a puddle at his feet. My eyes flutter and my lips part.

“Princesses who can’t show up on time get punished.” He growls while lowering his lips to mine. As he speaks the words ghost over my lips and I tremble. He lets go of my chin and my back and pulls my shirt up and over my head before I can regain my thoughts. He presses his fingers to my hips, spinning me so my ass meets his cock. He is already hard! I lean my head back against his chest and he chuckles. “Safe word?”

“Dragonflies” I breathe and he pops opens the button on my jeans. His nose rubs against my neck and another strong shiver zips down my body. He fists the denim at my hips and yanks it down. His lips brushing down my back as he squats. I don’t know what I should do with my hands so I leave them by my sides. He rubs the stubble of his jaw against my ass cheek and giggle with the tickling sensations. He opens his mouth and bites into my plump rear.

I scream out in shock and try to step forward but his hands are on my thighs and he is keeping me in place. His tongue traces, what I am sure are deep red teeth marks before he stands. He nuzzles my neck and moans.

“Beautifully marked.” He whispers and his right hand pulls back to land a harsh spank to the place where he bit me.

“Sir!” I gasp and sway with the force.

“And now for your punishment.” He grabs my ponytail and leads me to the playing table. It’s a big circle and covered in green felt. Stacks of chips line the edges. He bends be over the table, thick black pads intended for elbows cradle my hips and I sprawl my fingers out over the scratchy felt.

I look over my shoulder and watch as he opens his pants and pulls out his thick cock. He smirks at me as he strokes the throbbing member. I rise up on my tiptoes and part my thighs. If this is punishment, I’ll be late all the time! He slips his fingers down my ass crack and pushes my panties to the side. Roughly he stabs two fingers into my already wet pussy.

“Wet for punishment?” He teases and strokes me harder. I begin gasping and nod my head. “Bad girl.” He sneers and my body clenches around him. “You aren’t allowed to come.” He pulls a condom from his sagging jeans and covers his dick.

He pulls his fingers back until only his finger tips are in my entrance and he pulls them apart. The stretch feels so good and I wiggle my hips, wanting him filling me again. With his fingertips still in place he slowly pushes his cock inside of me. I groan and lower my forehead to the felt. His fingers pull together and back apart under his cock as he sinks it into my willing flesh. Inch by inch he tortures me.

“You are so tight,” He hisses through his teeth. “I thought it was from you being so swollen and ready for me, but even now.” He removes his fingers and wipes my juices over my hip before grabbing me tightly. He yanks my body back onto his cock and thrusts deep. I cry out as he beats into my lungs. The air being pushed from me with every thrust. My pussy grips at him and he groans. “Do not come.”

“Please,” I beg of him. “Please let me come.”

“No.” He whispers as he fucks me harder. Suddenly he pulls out and grips my ponytail, pulling me up straight. “On your knees.” I drop quickly, with no grace. My need for his cock is too great for me to find grace in anything. He bends to the side and plucks a tissue from the box on the table. I open my mouth, waiting to receive his personal face paint and he grins.

He strokes his dick tight and fast before me. Each twist of his hand makes me squirm and I clench my thighs together to try to gain some friction for myself. He lets out a deep yell and covers the head of his spitting cock with the tissue. My jaw drops open in surprise. My right as his sub is to have his come dripping from my face and he has taken that from me. I blink because surely I am dreaming and that did not just happen. His big chest heaves as he pulls in air and he smiles down at me. He releases his cock and taps my chin with his fingers.

“Close your mouth. Late princess’s only get to watch.” He throws away the tissue and pulls his jeans back up. I sit on my knees in utter shock and arousal. “Your tardiness is forgiven.”

He turns his back to me and walks into the kitchen. I can hear clinking and other noises of preparation. I am unsure if I am allowed to follow. I lift up on my knees to get a better look. I can see his upper body as he moves through the kitchen. Looking completely at peace and why wouldn’t he? He was allowed to get off!