From behind me he grips my left hip and his right hand dips into his pocket. He pulls out a tiny silver padlock and holds it out so I can see it. The initials “N.B.” are engraved in the tiny square. He tugs my hip until I take a forced step back and bump against his hard chest. He lowers his jaw to my shoulder and takes a deep inhale of my skin. It makes me shiver.

“This will let everyone know you are mine,” He whispers against the shell of my ear. “For as long as I decide.” He interlocks the padlock with the metal buckle on the collar and turns a tiny key to lock it in place. With my body pressed against his, I can feel when he tucks the itty bitty key back into his front pocket.

Master B’s large hand moves from my hip up my left side, stopping when his fingers brush the underside of my heavy tits. I pull in the deep breath, the moment sizzling with future possibilities. He places a gentle kiss on the top of my shoulder and I moan. My head tilting towards his. He chuckles before sinking his teeth into the tight muscle there. The pain swirls around me and shifts into pleasurable tingles that knot in my pinched nipples and clit. My knees wobble and I gasp. I can feel the hardness of his shaft against my ass and grin. He is just as affected by me as I am by him.

“Let’s go for a walk. I wish to show off what it is now mine.” He releases me to step in front of me. He has a small leash in his hand and connects it to my collar.

“If it will please you, Master B.” I answer calmly but inside my nerves are a mess. How can I possibly do this? To be paraded around naked for everyone to see? I close my eyes to center myself. I will do this task for him, to show him that I am strong and willing to place my trust in his hands.

I sink to my knees and place my hands on the floor. I focus on the feeling of my stockings caressing my legs and pretend it stretches up over my entire body. Shielding me from on looking eyes. He watches me for a long moment before winding the leash around his fist a few times. Giving me very little length to fall behind. He starts to walk without a word. A very slow stroll so that I don’t have to rush to keep up with. I am so grateful that he doesn’t walk as fast as those long legs are capable of.

He leads me back through the main room of the club. I keep my eyes on his heels. Avoiding to meet the eyes of the people who are surely watching my ass. Each shift of my thighs rubs the chain holding the clit clamp and the sensation is building. I can feel my wetness starting to pool and overflow. The tops of my thighs beginning to glisten.

By the time we reach the bar, I am panting slightly. He leans his elbow on the bar top and I kneel at his feet with my hands resting palm up on my parted thighs. Open for him. Each breath I take lifts my tits and tugs the chain so it pulls against my clit. My body is pulsing with electricity I am not used to. He grins down at me and orders  a bottle of water. When the bar tender slides it across the smooth top, he twists the cap off and places it to my lips. My fingers curl in against my palms with the want to hold the bottle myself. I swallow down the cool liquid that he offers.

“Thank you Master B.” I feel a heavy drop of water spill from my lips onto my heaving breasts. He smiles and puts two fingers under my chin.

“Stand.” He commands and I do so quickly. He grips my hips and lifts me up on to the bar top. All the members around us turn to look at me. I keep my eyes on his and try to imagine no one else exists. He leans his head to my chest and slowly drags his tongue up the trail the drop of water made when it fell. I grip the edge of the bar top and whimper softly. “Do you enjoy being displayed?” He asks, the words flowing out over my sensitive skin.

“If it pleases you, Master B.” I murmur. My thighs tighten as he parts them. He pulls my knees so far apart I have to hold the bar tighter so I don’t fall back. He keeps his left hand on my right thigh.

“It looks like it pleases you.” He whispers before flicking his tongue over the peak of my clamped nipple. The restricted blood flow has made my nipples a million times more sensitive than normal and my back arches as he does this. He moves to give the other nipple a long, slow lick and his right hand cups my mound.