*****Warning-Adult content! -not for the faint of heart or the under age!******

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His fingers fly over his keyboard. The sound echo’s throughout the empty space. His office is large and masculine, like him. His bulky desk fills up the center of the room, a brown leather couch sits to the right and the wall of windows span behind him. He has no lights on, working in the dark. The city behind him is slowly waking up and the skyline twinkles with the coming sun that hasn’t yet risen.

“Strip.” He says softly without even looking at me. His laptop screen illuminates the hard plans of his face, his expression offering me no indication of his mood. This mask of his drives me wild.

Without a word, I stand and pull the buttons of my shirt free. I fold the shirt neatly and place it on the floor before I unzip the long zipper of my skirt and shimmy it down my hips. I fold the skirt as well and lay it on top of my shirt. Next, I lay my shoes on the pile and straighten up. Standing just a few feet in front of his desk, nude and waiting for my next instructions. He has yet to look up, his fingers still working away over the laptops surface. I glance over my shoulder at the still open door and wonder how long before his secretary arrives.

“To the window, please.” He whispers and his eyes meet mine for the first time this morning. That look melts my core and I nod. He grins before his attention moves back to work.

I walk around his desk, the carpet tickling my toes and get into position before the glass. The city below us is beautiful as I look out over it. More lights are coming alive, the day will soon be upon us.

I swallow tightly when I hear him rise from his desk. He pushes in his chair roughly, the clang of the metal against the wood makes me jump. I lick at my lips and force my body to be still. Next, I hear the rustling of fabric and realize he is undressing. I try not to pout, when he undresses first it normally means this will be quick. For his pleasure only.

He comes to stand behind me, his hands rest on my hips for a moment before he slips them up my skin to just under my arms. His long fingers mold over my biceps as he lifts my arms.

“Hands up.” He says against my shoulder. The stubble on his jaw causes a shiver to roll down my spine. I do as he says, this position makes me lean forward and he moans his appreciation of my body when he smooth’s his big hand down my back. From my back, his hand traces down my ass crack to tap on my inner thighs. A wordless instruction to open. I shift my feet apart and look down. Trying to see what he is doing but it’s pointless. His other hand presses against the back of my neck, flattening me to window. His fingers test my wetness and he grunts.

“So fucking wet.” He growls into my ear. He presses his front against my back, the motion mashing my tits against the glass. With one rough thrust he enters me and begins to fuck me into the cold pane.

I cry out and my pussy struggles to take him so quickly. My hands are out wide where he placed them. My palms stuck to the clear sheet. His fat cock slips up and in, hooking upward into my snotty, dripping cunt and I arch my back.

My big ass meets his hips and stomach as he heaves into me. The glass is pressed against my cheek and I look out at the fast approaching dawn. My mind battling against wanting to get caught with his dick slammed into my core and yet wanting to keep this private. Between my handsome Master and myself.

My fingers curl against the glass and I am smiling, knowing for the rest of the day, every time he looks out this window all he’ll be able to see is my hands. He’ll remember how hard he filled me and the squeaks and gasps I made as he did so. Recalling the screams that would no doubt frighten people in the building if they were here as early as we are. Every time he thrusts the panes of glass shudder as he drives into me. Seemingly through me, so deep that he must certainly be in my chest.