****Warning… Adult situations!!! Not for the faint of heart or the under age! ****

“On your knees.” He orders. She draws back, his heavy cock falling from her dripping snatch. She slowly lowers to the floor and scoots closer so that her tits rest against his knees. She licks at her lips while looking up at him. “That’s right, Kitten. I am going to fill that pretty mouth.” One of his big hands strokes his cock, lubed with her cum and the other hand swipes his thumb over her lower lip. “Lick me clean.”

She moans and wraps her tongue around him. Like a lollipop she devours his shaft. Licking every long inch, her taste mixed with his pre come.

“Fuck, Baby girl. Take me deep.” He almost begs as his control slips farther from his grasp. She opens her jaw and swallows him as deep as she can fit. Her throat working over his cock while she swallows down his dicks offering. Pre come flowing from the slit in his crown so freely now that it fills her mouth and seeps from the corners of her lips.